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  • Australian Helicopters 412

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    36374 412ep 2005     VH-CQJ: Australian Helicopters Pty from Sep13
    Bell Helicopter N3119U: Bell Apr/Aug 2005

    Helisureste EC-JLH: Helisureste 2005-2011; from 2006 in Portugal

    INAER Portugal CS-HHJ: INEM ambulance, noted 2012

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-CQJ: RACQ CQ Rescue from Jul13, op by Australian Helicopters+
    33001 1981     VH-EMZ: Australian Helicopters from Aug07; w/o 17jun13 at Torres Str+
    ERA Helicopters N412EH: ERA, canc Aug07

    - VH-EMZ: date unk, Movie Set on the Gold Coast Filming San Andr+
    36204 412ep 1998     VH-EPR: Australian Helicopters from Oct13; Babcock Mission Critical +
    Bell Helicopter N4300B: Bell, Ecuador ntu

    - N30Y: Anheuser-busch Companies Inc at Chesterfield, MO; canc +

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-CFE: Telstra Child Flight Inc at Sydney Aug10

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-EPR: RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service by Jun17
    36015 412sp 1990     VH-LSY: Australian Helicopters from May07; 2014 rebrand Babcock MCS +
    Bell Helicopter N555BA: 1990-2006 unk

    Bell Helicopters Mar06-Apr07; conv to 412HP

    State of Texas N555BA: San Antonio AirLIFE Texas, noted May06

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-LSY: RACQ CQ Rescue from Sep13, op by Australian Helicopters
    36236 412ep 1999     VH-RHJ: Australian Helicopters from May06; Jul19 still
    Australian Customs and Border Protection Service VH-RHJ: Customs, noted 2007, op by Helicopters Australia
    36507 412ep 2008     VH-VAO: Australian Helicopters d/d Jan09; Ambulance HEMS 4
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-VAO: Air Ambulance Victoria, op by Australian Helicopters

    pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport

    MAC Rescue Helicopter Service /Rescue52 by Jul16; Appe+

    Aug19 as /Rescue52 in Adelaide
    36504 412ep 2008     VH-VAS: Australian Helicopters Nov08, test serial N357JB
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-VAS: Air Ambulance Victoria, op by Australian Helicopters

    at Frankston Hospital

    Australia Police VH-VAS: Jan19 as /POL51

    Aug19 as /Rescue51 in Adelaide
    36203 412ep 1998     VH-VAU: Australian Helicopters from 03nov11
    - CC-PBW: Chile private, noted 2001, to EC-KUN

    Helisureste EC-KUN: Helisureste, canc Aug08

    INAER EC-KZM: INAER by 2011

    Local Government EC-KZM: Madrid?, op by INAER

    02apr11 pictured (pic1)

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