Airbus Helicopters H135 / EC135T3
france Service d'Aide Medicale d'Urgence

emergency medical assistance service

2017 to present

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SAF EC135T3 Enters Service with SAMU, 03-May-17 : The first H135/EC135T3 in medical configuration in France enter service with SAMU operated by SAF Hélicoptères. Three to based in Toulouse, Alençon and Besançon

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1198     F-HLCF: SAMU, op by SAF; pictured at Perpignan
Secours Aerien Francais F-HLCF: SAF Helicopteres from Jan16, test serial D-HECX
1252     F-HLCG: SAMU, op by SAF
Secours Aerien Francais F-HLCG: SAF Helicopteres from Feb17, test serial D-HCBO
1254     F-HLCH: SAMU, op by SAF
Secours Aerien Francais F-HLCH: SAF Helicopteres from Mar17, test serial D-HCBC
1260 2017     F-HLNA: SAMU, op by INAER/Babcock France; Nov18 as /SAMU 86 in Tours
- : Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd at Dublin, Ireland

INAER France F-HLNA: Babcock MCS France from Jun17
1248     F-HUMS: SAMU from Jun17, op by MBH
Mont Blanc Helicopteres F-HUMS: MBH SAMU from Jan17, test serial D-HCBJ