Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-2 in
japan kawasaki helicopter system

Del'd: 5 - 1962 to 1999

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    4000 1962     JA9500: Kawasaki 1962-1964 prototype; Built as BV-107II-2 c/n 101; +
    4010 1962     JA9501: BV-107II-2 c/n 201; supplied as subassemblies to Kawasaki 19+
    4002 1962     JA9502: BV-107II-2 c/n 103, as N4625G; supplied in kit form to Kawas+
    4004 1963     JA9503: BV-107/II-2, c/n 105; supplied as sub-assemblies to Kawasaki+
    4011 1963     JA9505: BV-107/II-2, c/n 202; supplied as parts to Kawasaki as KV-10+
Columbia Helicopters N192CH: sold to Columbia Helicopters as N192CH, Jan84; wfu 31De+
    4014 1963     JA9508: kv-107iia-2 KV-107II-2, c/n 4014; ff 1963; del Kawasaki Helicopters Syst+
    4013 1963     JA9509: kv-107iia-2 KV-107II-2, c/n 4013; ff 1963; del to Kawasaki Helicopters S+

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