Del'd: 781 - 1997 to present


US Army Aviation AH-64D Apache

For AH-64A see here

The AH-64D is known as the Longbow

c/n BuNos
Lot 1 PVD001 / PVD024 96-5001 / 5024 conv from AH-64A
Lot 2 PVD025 / PVD048 97-5025 / 5048 conv from AH-64A
Lot 3 PVD049 / PVD092 98-5049 / 5092 conv from AH-64A
Lot 4 PVD093 / PVD158 99-5093 / 5158 conv from AH-64A
Lot 5 PVD159 / PVD232 00-5159 / 5232 conv from AH-64A
Lot 6 PVD233 / PVD284 01-5233 / 5284 conv from AH-64A
Lot 7 PVD285 / PVD344 02-5285 / 5344 conv from AH-64A
Lot 8 PVD345 / PVD418 03-5345 / 5418 conv from AH-64A
Lot 9 PVD419 / PVD482 04-5419 / 5482 conv from AH-64A
Lot 10 PVD483 / PVD501 05-5483 / 5501 conv from AH-64A
- DUS001 / DUS013 05-07001 / 07013 new built
- DUS014 / DUS027 06-07014 / 07027 new built
Extended Block II PVD502 / PVD537 07-05502 / 05537 conv from AH-64A
- DUS028 / DUS045 07-07028 / 07045 new built
Extended Block II PVD538 / PVD573 08-05538 / 05573 conv from AH-64A
Extended Block II PVD574 / PVD597 09-05574 / 05597 conv from AH-64A
? PVD598 / PVD627 ? conv from AH-64A
Extended Block II PVD628 / PVD637 09-05628 / 05637 conv from AH-64A

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Mississippi National Guard First Female Apache Pilot, 16-Oct-16 : Warrant Officer Jessica McCormick is the first female Apache helicopter pilot in the Mississippi Army National Guard

Hawaii 25th CAB Received 24 AH-64D Apaches, 09-Jun-16 : US Army 25th Combat Aviation Brigade received 24 AH-64D Apaches attack helicopters at Wheeler Army Airfield in Hawaii to replace the recently retired OH-58D Kiowa Warriors

South Carolina Apache Top Team in Gunfighter Fly-in, 07-Nov-15 : The South Carolina National Guard was the top performing team for the inaugural AH-64D Apache Gunfighter Fly-in helicopter competition

National Guard Apache Gunfighter Fly-in Competition, 05-Nov-15 : U.S. Army National Guard AH-64D Apaches from 7 states went to Arizona for the Gunfighter Fly-in competition at the Silverbell Army Heliport November 1-6

Utah Guard aviator First to Reach 10K Hs in Apache, 07-Oct-15 : A Utah National Guard Army aviator was recognized as the senior Apache aviator in the world achieving more than 10,000 flying hours in the AH-64 attack helicopter.

2-2nd AVN Combined Exercise in South Korea, 24-Sep-15 : US Army 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade perform combined exercise at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex in South Korea.

Boeing Extends Corpus Christi Army Depot Partnership, 12-Jun-15 : Boeing received a five-year contract extending partnership with Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) supporting overhaul of parts for AH-64 Apache and CH-47 Chinook helicopters

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