Agusta ab412 in italy Corpo Forestale dello Stato

State Forestry Department

Del'd: 18 - 1989 to 2016


Corpo Forestale dello Stato ab412

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    25610 ab412sp     I-CFAA: CFS-20, CFS20AA built as AB412CS type
Italian Firefighters I-CFAA: VF-120
    25614 ab412sp     I-CFAB: CFS-21, CFS21AB built as AB412CS
Italian Firefighters I-CFAB: VF-121
    25615 ab412sp     I-CFAC: CFS-22, CFS22AC built as AB412CS
    25618 ab412sp     I-CFAD: CFS-23, CFS23AD Built as AB412CS
Italian Firefighters I-CFAD: VF-123
    25918 ab412ep 2003     I-CFAE: CFS-24, CFS24AE; Sept03 pictured at Aeroporto dell Urbe, Rom+
Italian Firefighters I-CFAE: VF-124
    25919 ab412ep 2003     I-CFAF: CFS-25, CFS25AF
Italian Firefighters I-CFAF: VF-125
    25926 ab412ep 2006     I-CFAK: Still in charge of Belluno CFS before becoming Vigili del Fu+
Italian Firefighters I-CFAK: VF-126
    25978 ab412ep 2006     I-CFAL: CFS-27, CFS27AL
Italian Firefighters I-CFAL: VF-127
    25561     I-CFSJ: CFS-14, CFS14SJ
Italian Firefighters I-CFSJ: VF-114
    25562     I-CFSO: CFS-15, CFS15SO
Italian Firefighters I-CFSO: VF-115
    25563     I-CFSP: CFS-16
Italian Firefighters I-CFSP: VF-116
    25564     I-CFSW: CFS-18
Italian Firefighters I-CFSW: still CFS livery next VF-118
    25572     I-CFSX: CFS-19, CFS19SX; 15jan12 pictured at Monte Terminillo, Riet+
Italian Firefighters I-CFSX: VF-119
    25983 ab412ep     MM81692: CFS-28
    25982 ab412ep     MM81693: CFS-29
Italian Gendarmerie MM81693: Carabinieri CC-37; Aug17 asg 5 Nucleo Elicotteri at Pe+
    25980 ab412ep     MM81694: CFS-30. ex CSX81694
    25984 ab412ep     MM81695: CFS-31
Italian Gendarmerie MM81695: Carabinieri /CC-39 by Mar17, 14 Nucleo; still in CFS li+
    25985 ab412ep     MM81696: CFS-32
Italian Gendarmerie MM81696: Carabinieri /CC-40 by Dec17

asg 14 Nucleo Belluno

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