Sikorsky S-70 H-60
colombia Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia

Colombian Army Aviation

1997 to present

  • Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia S-70 H-60
  • Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia S-70 H-60

Also the Colombian Air Force operates their own Blackhawks. From 2013 they received S-70i from Poland PZL

This Brigade use the UH-60 Black Hawk, as a transportation Helicopter, mostly for their Special Forces. It was founded in the middle of the 90s, first they had Huey Helicopters this ones are still in service. His Base is located in Fuerte Militar de Tolemaida.

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Colombia to Support Black Hawk in Latin America, 04-Aug-16 : Formed in 2012, Sikorsky Colombia operates a Black Hawk depot repair facility fully tooled and equipped to provide complete airframe structural repairs and is now offering its services to Mexico

In-Country repairs for Colombian Blackhawks, 30-Jan-13 : Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) announced plans to structurally repair seven damaged Colombian Army UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters at its base depot in Tolemaida

Colombia In-Country Blackhawk maintenance, 10-Jul-12 : FARNBOROUGH AIR SHOW, London, United Kingdom - Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) today announced the expansion of an existing contract that doubles the size of the in-country maintenance support team for the Colombian Army UH-60 BLACK HAWK fleet. The Colombian Army Aviation – part of the Army’s Combined Arms Team – has acquired Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance Services for its fleet of UH-60 helicopters to ensure sustained support for operations mandated by the Colombian Army.

Colombian H-60s exceeds 300,000 flight hours, 22-Jun-11 : PARIS, France - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. announced today at the Paris Air Show that Colombia’s UH-60 BLACK HAWK helicopter fleet has surpassed the 300,000 flight hour milestone. Colombia’s Army, National Police, and Air Force combine to operate nearly 100 BLACK HAWK helicopters for a variety of missions including search and rescue, medical evacuation, disaster relief, anti-drug, and counter-insurgency operations. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

15 UH-60L for Colombia, 21-Jun-07 : PARIS, France - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today announced the signing of a Letter of Offer and Acceptance by the government of Colombia to acquire 15 Sikorsky UH-60L BLACK HAWK helicopters from the U.S. Army. The Foreign Military Sale is valued at approximately $225 million and includes spares, support, and training. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Plan Colombia: 30 More Black Hawks, 18-Dec-00 : Two contracts worth more than $221M to Sikorsky to provide a total of 30 Black HAWK helicopters to Colombia by the end of 2001

Black Hawk and UH-1N for Colombia, 21-Sep-00 : Black Hawk helicopters to be delivered as part of Plan Colombia to the south american country to boost fight against drugs. In the meantime more UH-1N will fill the gap

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    uh-60l     EJC-150: Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26731
    uh-60l     EJC-151: Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26732
    uh-60l     EJC-152: Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26733
    uh-60l     EJC-153: Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26734. Damaged by FARC 06jun03
    uh-60l     EJC-154: Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26735
    uh-60l     EJC-155: Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26736
    uh-60l     EJC-156: Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26737
    s-70a-41     EJC-157: Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26906
    s-70a-41     EJC-158: Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26907
    s-70a-41     EJC-159: Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26908. w/o 06may02
    s-70a-41     EJC-160: Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26909, reser to EJC2160
    s-70a-41     EJC-161: Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26910
    s-70a-41     EJC-162: Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26911
    s-70a-41     EJC-163: Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26919. w/o 26feb03
    s-70a-41     EJC-164: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-01. BuNo 01-26912
    s-70a-41     EJC-165: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-02. BuNo 01-26913. damaged 07jun06
    s-70a-41     EJC-166: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-03. BuNo 01-26914
    s-70a-41     EJC-167: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-04. BuNo 01-26915
    s-70a-41     EJC-168: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-05. BuNo 01-26916
    70-2649 s-70a-41     EJC-169: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-06. BuNo 01-26917
    s-70a-41     EJC-170: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-07. BuNo 01-26918
    70-2653 s-70a-41     EJC-171: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-08. BuNo 01-26920
    70-2654 s-70a-41     EJC-172: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-09. BuNo 01-26921
    70-2656 s-70a-41     EJC-173: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-10. BuNo 01-26922
    70-2659 s-70a-41     EJC-174: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-11. BuNo 01-26923, reser to EJC2174
    s-70a-41     EJC-175: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-12. BuNo 01-26924
    s-70a-41     EJC-176: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-13. BuNo 01-26925
    s-70a-41     EJC-177: Ejercito d/d 2001. B-14. BuNo 01-26926
    uh-60l     EJC-178: Ejercito d/d apr05. BuNo 04-27023
    70-2835 uh-60l     EJC-179: Ejercito d/d apr05. BuNo 04-27024
    uh-60l     EJC-180: Ejercito d/d may06. BuNo unk
    uh-60l     EJC-181: Ejercito d/d oct06. BuNo unk
    uh-60l     EJC-182: Ejercito d/d oct06. BuNo unk
    uh-60l     EJC-183: Ejercito d/d nov06. BuNo unk
    uh-60l     EJC-184: Ejercito d/d dec06. BuNo unk
    uh-60l     EJC-185: Ejercito d/d feb07. BuNo 06-27103
    70-2931 uh-60l     EJC-186: Ejercito d/d feb07. BuNo 06-27104
    uh-60l     EJC-187: Ejercito d/d feb07. BuNo 06-27105
    s-70i     EJC-2100: Ejercito B AV2 Jan13
    70-3741 s-70i     EJC-2101: Ejercito B AV2 Jan13
PZL Mielec SP-YVE: PZL Mielec msn 0006

27+28aug11 at Radom air show
    s-70i     EJC-2102: Ejercito B AV2 Jan13
    s-70i     EJC-2103: Ejercito B AV2 Jan13
    s-70i     EJC-2104: Ejercito B AV2
    s-70i     EJC-2105: Ejercito
    s-70i     EJC-2106: Ejercito
    uh-60l     EJC-2135: Ejercito d/d as EJC-135
    uh-60l     EJC-2136: Ejercito d/d as EJC-136
    uh-60l     EJC-2137: Ejercito d/d as EC- unk?
    uh-60l     EJC-2138: Ejercito d/d as EJC-138
    uh-60l     EJC-2139: Ejercito d/d as EJC-139
    uh-60l     EJC-2140: Ejercito d/d as EJC-140
    70-3160 uh-60l     EJC-2141: Ejercito d/d as EJC-141
    70-3163 uh-60l     EJC-2142: Ejercito d/d as EJC-142
    70-3166 uh-60l     EJC-2143: Ejercito; 20nov13 dmg at Chaparral, Tolima
    uh-60l     EJC-2144: Ejercito d/d as EJC-144
    70-3178 uh-60l     EJC-2145: Ejercito d/d as EJC-145
    uh-60l     EJC-2146: Ejercito d/d as EJC-146
    uh-60l     EJC-2147: Ejercito d/d as EJC-147
    uh-60l     EJC-2148: Ejercito d/d as EC- unk?; w/o 10may15 21km N municipio de La+
    uh-60l     EJC-2154: w/o 24feb13 crashed and exploded at Vistahermosa, Meta in fi+
    s-70a-41     EJC-2160: BAAV 2 from Dec00; w/o 23feb14 apparently touched a tree at+
    70-2659 s-70a-41     EJC-2174: Ejercito
    uh-60l     EJC-2185: Ejercito ex ECJ-185; BAAV 2; w/o 22jun15 landed in mine at E+
    uh-60l     EJC-2190: Ejercito

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