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    austria Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte

    Austrian Air Force

    Del'd: 10 - 1958 to 1965

    Serveral of these helicopters sold to Nigeria

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    wa244 srs2     4D-XL: OL
    wa245 srs2     4D-XM: OL
    wa246 srs2     4D-XN: OL
    wa247 srs2     4D-XO: OL
    wa248 srs2     4D-XP: OL
    wa249 srs2     4D-XQ: OL
    wa299 srs2 1959     4D-XR: OL ?
    Westland G-APWO: Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA299, ff:?; Westland Ai+

    Bristow G-APWO: Bristow, unk; conv Ser.3

    Bristow Helicopters Iran EP-HAG: Iran Helicopters unk

    - G-APWO: preserved as G-APWO
    wa300 srs2     4D-XS: OL
    wa301 srs2     4D-XT: OL
    wa302 srs2     4D-XU: OL