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  • 1992 to present

    Blackcomb Helicopters 206

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2519 206b-3 1978     C-FBYD: Blackcomb Jan93-Mar95
    - N5008L: USA, 1978-Jun88

    - C-FBYD: Bailey Helicopters Ltd at Delta, BC from Apr96
    883 206b-2 1972     C-FKKM: Blackcomb Jun07-Feb11
    2132 206b-2 1977     C-FMCH: Blackcomb Jul92-Jan93
    4173 206b-3 1991     C-FMCL: Blackcomb from Jan18, pictured (pic2)
    Bell Helicopter N3094V: Bell, test serial C-FKOJ

    - PT-HCK: private Brazil, noted 1999

    - N107GP: USA Jan00-May02

    - C-FPET: Peper Logging Ltd at Ardrossan, AB May02-May06; E-Z Air+

    HeliOps Alberta Ltd at Sherwood Park, AB May06-Oct12

    9222-1779 Québec Inc at Montreal, QC Oct12-Jan18

    May/Nov 2017 for sale Jetranger 206B-3 1991; Location:+
    787 206b-2 1972     C-FTWK: Blackcomb Jul07-Mar08
    2171 206b-2 1977     C-GBFH: Blackcomb Bell206B-2 type from Mar09
    2534 206b-3 1978     C-GBZL: Blackcomb Aug97-Jun98
    2452 206b-3 1978     C-GDRH: Blackcomb Apr/Jul 1995
    1582 206b-2 1975     C-GHMH: Blackcomb Bell206B-2 type Mar09-Jul10
    612 206a 1971     C-GJBW: Blackcomb Jul99-Nov05
    State of Delaware N71SP: Delaware State Police DSP, to C-GJBW

    - C-GJBW: Conv to 206B-2; to C-GBFE

    - C-GBFE: to C-GSKY

    Sky Helicopters C-GSKY: Premier Helicopter Services Jan/May 2013

    Sky Helicopters Jun13-Apr14

    - C-GSKY: Premier Helicopter Services from May14
    2421 206b-3 1978     C-GLGF: Blackcomb Jan92-Apr94
    2244 206b-3 1977     C-GPGP: Blackcomb Bell206B-3 type from Nov07
    451 206a 1969     C-GSEE: Blackcomb Sep93-May94
    Bell Helicopter N2296W: Bell 1969

    State of California N95SP: California State Police (nowadays CHP)

    State of California N95SB: San Bernadino County Sheriff (SBSD), Bell 206B2 type

    Niagara Helicopters C-GSEE: Niagara Falls Jun85-May93

    - C-GSEE: Black Tusk Helicopter at Squamish, BC from May94
    51420 206l-3 1990     C-GUNL: Rutherford Marine Group at Vancouver, BC 06/17 Jan06; Omega +
    - N3CW: Cecil I Walker Machinery Co at Charleston, WV Jan91-Dec+

    HELIDOSA HI893: Helidosa by 2013
    45410 206l-1 1980     C-GVIW: Blackcomb Jun96-Apr97
    VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIW: VIH, canc Dec85

    Okanagan Helicopters C-GVIW: Okanagan, canc May88

    - C-GVIW: Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc at Prince George, BC +

    Airspan Helicopters at Sechelt, BC May99-Mar11

    Discovery Helicopters at Atlin, BC Jun11-Mar12

    Ascent Helicopters C-GVIW: Ascent Helicopters from May/Nov 2012

    - C-GVIW: Kecoa Helicopters at Port Alberni, BC Nov12-Jun14

    Tundra Helicopters C-GVIW: Tundra Helicopters at Watson Lake, YK from Jun14

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