Del'd: 8 - 1975 to 1991

Boeing-Vertol CH-147 Chinook
canada Canadian Armed Forces

Canadian Armed Forces CH-147 Chinook

Eight CH-47C were acquired in 1974 but one crashed on its initial delivery flight. Although highly versatile the remaining aircraft were to expensive to operate and retired by 1991. Boeing refurbished airframes were sold to the Netherlands Air Force
Following a long deployment in Afghanistan, CH-147D were acquired in 2008

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1979/91447 SquadronCFB Edmonton
1975/91450 THS CUUP - Ottawa Macdonald Cartier

List of Aircraft

C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
b-718 w/o 1974 1974 147001 CH-47C G-001. BuNo 74-22058. w/o 18oct74 prior delivery. Replaced by 147009
b-723 w/o 1982 1974 147002 CH-47C G-002. BuNo 74-22059. w/o 17aug82 Rankin Inlet, NWT
b-725 1975 147003 CH-47C G-003. BuNo 74-22060. to Boeing as CH-47D B-725/M.3661 93-0661. to RNAF ...
b-726 1975 147004 CAF type:CH-147; 1984 450Sqn.
b-728 1975 147005 CH-47C G-005 BuNo 74-22062; pictured with 450 Sqn at CFB Edmonton; to Boeing as...
b-729 1975 147006 CAF type:CH-147; 1988 447Sqn.
b-731 1975 147007 CH-47C G-007. BuNo 74-22064. to Boeing as CH-47D B-731/M.3665 93-0665. to RNAF a...
b-732 1976 147008 CH-47C G-008. BuNo 74-22065. to Boeing as CH-47D B-732/M.3666 93-0666. to RNAF a...
b-796 1978 147009 CH-47C G-009. BuNo 74-22066. to Boeing as CH-47D B-796/M.3667 93-0667. to RNAF a...

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