Canadian Air Crane S-64 CH-54

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64-061 ch-54a 1968     C-FCRN: Canadian Air Crane Aug95-Jan11
US Army Aviation 68-18456: US Army CH-54A ; stor AMARC as HG000?

Erickson N172AC: Erickson Air Crane ; conv S-64E unk

Erickson from Jan11
64-034 ch-54a 1968     C-FCRN: Canadian Air-Crane Ltd Apr/Sep 1994
US Army Aviation 68-18432: US Army CH-54A; stor AMARC as HG000?

- N1342Y: unk

Erickson N164AC: Erickson Air Crane , conv to S-64E; fate unk; rebuilt a+

Erickson from Sep94
64-065 ch-54a 1968     C-GESC: Canadian Air Crane Feb97-Mar09
US Army Aviation 68-18460: Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-065, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A +

Erickson N157AC: sold to Erickson Air Crane as N157AC; conv S-64E unk.

Erickson N957AC: Erickson Air Crane from Mar09

01jun12 at Ioannina, Greece

Apr13 in Perth, Western Australia, for the 2013 Souther+

17jan14 at Bankstown airport, Sydney, Australia

17jan15 at Bankstown airport, Sydney, Australia with N1+

26nov16 at Melbourne Essendon, Australia
64-091 ch-54b 1969     C-GFAH: Canadian Air Crane Oct96-Jun98
US Army Aviation 69-18483: US Army CH-54B; stor AMARC as HG000? unk

Erickson N179AC: Erickson, conv to S-64F

Erickson Air Crane from 2001, ex 69-18483

“Elvis”; 02oct12 pictured (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) at P+

09jan13 pictured (pic4) at Wagga Wagga Airport
64-058 S-64B 1968     C-GFBH: Canadian Air-Crane at Delta, BC Dec94-Dec95
ERA Helicopters N6962R: ERA Aviation 1969; 03jul70 suffered substantial damage+

Evergreen Helicopters N6962R: Evergreen Helicopters

- HC-CAT: Ecuador, lsd

Erickson N6962R: Erickson from Jun03

10nov15 as /740 pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport

29jan18 at Sydney, Australia

08feb19 at Henderson airport, Las Vegas, NV
64-017 ch-54a 1967     C-GFLH: Canadian Air Crane 1996, lsd
US Army Aviation 67-18415: US Army; to AMARC as HG0001 18Sep92.

Erickson N194AC: Erickson Air Crane from 1995; conv S-64E

08Apr09 as /747 pictured (pic1) at Essendon, Australia

12dec13 at Essendon airport, Melbourne, Victoria, Austr+

17jan15 at Essendon airport, Melbourne, Victoria, Austr+

Jan19 at Moorabbin, Australia

20jan14 pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
64-052 ch-54a 1968     C-GJRY: Canadian Air-Crane Feb10-Dec11
US Army Aviation 68-18450: US Army CH-54A ; stor AMARC as HG000?

- N2270B: unk

Erickson N247AC: Erickson Air Crane, conv to S-64E

Erickson from 2013

22sep19 as /Jerry pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport, Aus+
64-003 s-64a 1962     C-GJZK: Canadian Air-Crane, lsd; Feb90-Feb98; Feb01-Mar10
Sikorsky Helicopters N306Y: Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-002, ff 1962; reg N306Y by Sikor+

Federal Ministry of the Interior D-9511: Wesser Flugzuegbau as D-9511, 1963, oper by Bundesminis+

German Army Aviation D-9511: HEER; 1963 HFWS; to Luftwaffe

German Air Force LA+113: Luftwaffe

Erickson N6960R: Erickson Air Crane; 19oct74 crashed when 12100lb load o+

- PK-OBU: Indonesia, rtn to N6960R

Erickson N176AC: Erickson Air Crane at Central Point, OR from Mar10; Oc+

01oct18 as /748 pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport

29jan19 at Bankstown

29jan19 at Wagga Wagga

29jan19 at Albury

Jul/Aug 2019 firefighting wildfires in British Columbia+

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