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  • Del'd: 21 - 1998 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2465 as532ul     HT.21-52: FAMET re registered to HU.21L-52
    2486 as532ul     HT.21-55: FAMET reregistered to HU.21L-55
    2462 as532ul     HT.27-03: ET-651; ex HT.21-51 HU.21L-51
    2465 as532ul     HT.27-04: ET-652; ex HT.21-52 HU.21L-52; FAMET BHELMA III
    2466 as532ul     HT.27-05: ET-653; ex HT.21-53 HU.21L-53; FAMET BHELMA II
    2486 as532ul     HT.27-07: 2005 pictured in Afghanistan with ISAF
    2489 as532ul     HT.27-08: ET-656; ex HU.21L-56;
    2516 as532ul     HT.27-10: ET-658; ex HU.21L-58
    2536 as532ul     HT.27-12: ET-660; ex HU.21L-60
    2539 as532ul     HT.27-13: ET-661; ex HU.21L-61
    2562 as532ul     HT.27-14: ET-662; ex HU.21L-62; should be c/n 2557 or 2562
    2564 as532ul     HT.27-15: ET-663; ex HU.21L-63
    2581 as532ul     HT.27-16: ET-664; ex HU.21L-64
    2583 as532ul     HT.27-17: ET-665, ex HU.21L-65
    Eurocopter France F-ZKBH: Eurocopter toward HU.21L-65
    2726 as532ul 2009     HT.27-18: ET-666; ex F-ZVRC
    Eurocopter France F-ZVRC: Eurocopter toward HT.27-18
    2737 as532ul     HT.27-19: ET-667; ex F-ZWRH
    2485 as532ul     HU.21-54: ET-654; ex HT.21-54 HU.21L-54; FAMET BHELMA II; w/o 29jan07 +
    2465 as532ul     HU.21L-52: FAMET ex HT.21-52 re registered to HT.27-04
    2486 as532ul     HU.21L-55: 24+25jul99 BHELTRA V./ET-655 Fairford air show
    2515 as532ul     HU.21L-57: ET-657 BHELMA II; w/o 16aug05 Afghanistan
    2530 as532ul     HU.21L-59: ET-659; w/o 16aug05 near Herat, Afghanistan
    2539 as532ul     HU.21L-61: FAMET re registered to HT.27-13
    2562 as532ul     HU.21L-62: FAMET re-registered to HT.27-14
    2583 as532ul     HU.21L-65: FAMET ex F-ZKBH re registered to HT.27-17
    Eurocopter France F-ZKBH: Eurocopter toward HU.21L-65
    2733 as532al     HU.27-01: ET-668 Cougar MK-1
    Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-01: 10mar15 asg UME picture during exercise Gamma Daimiel 1+
    2738 as532al     HU.27-02: ET-669 Cougar MK-1 d/d Dec10, test serial F-ZKBC
    Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-02: Unidad Militar de Emergencias (UME) at Bétera; w/o 10s+
    2758 as532al     HU.27-03: ET-670 Cougar MK-1 d/d Jan11, test serial F-ZKBD
    Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-03: 10mar15 asg UME during exercise Gamma Daimiel 15

    pictured at Torrejón de Ardoz during AIRE75 ( 75+

    flooding relief support in Cantabria
    2765 as532al     HU.27-04: ET-671 Cougar MK-1, test serial F-ZKBE
    Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-04: 22jul18 asg UME pictured at Ceuta

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