1997 to present

Global Vectra Helicorp 412

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    36161 412ep 1997     VT-AZC: Azal Azerbaijan Aviation at Dublin, Ireland; Global Vectra M+
Bell Helicopter N54169: Bell May97-Dec98, test serial C-GLZM

Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HAFO: Agrarflug Helilift GmbH at Ahlen/Nord Heliport from Jun+
    33172 412sp 1988     VT-AZD: Global Vectra from Jan06
Bristow G-SPBA: Bristow Oct88-Jan90, test serial N32072

- 9M-SSP: Malaysia

- N63385: V G L Texas at Fort Worth, TX Jul99-Mar00
    33185 412sp 1988     VT-AZG: Global Vectra from Nov03
- B-66168: to N9VH

- N9VH: Helicopter Certification Trustee Ltd at Wilmington, DE +
    36371 412ep 2005     VT-AZH: Global Vectra from Jul05, lsd Cessna Finance
Bell Helicopter N412GV: Bell Jun/Jul 2007, test serial C-FEMJ

ERA Helicopters N412EL: ERA Leasing from Mar13
    33199 412sp     VT-AZI: Global Vectra, noted Aug08
State of Vermont N4UV: Mansfield Heliflight, to be confirmed; to N14UV

- N14UV: to I-POPA

Elilombarda I-POPA: Elilombarda, noted Jul98

- HL9488: South Korea
    36023 412hp 1991     VT-AZK: Global Vectra 1991-2009
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FKCX: Bell Canada

- EC-FEP: Spain, test serial EC-730

- B-66121: China, to N412MB

- YV-1165C: Venezuela, to N175AR

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GBKI: CHC Sep09-Aug10

- VH-XCN: Australia from 2010

Australia Air Ambulances VH-XCN: RACQ Careflight ( CareFlight QLD) noted Mar16
    36065 412hp 1993     VT-AZL: Global Vectra Helicorp
- OE-XNN: Austria, air ambulance

HDM Flugservice D-HHZZ: HDM Flugservice Feb96-Dec01; Sep00 pictured as air ambu+

- XA-TTL: Mexico

Eagle Copters C-FDDI: Eagle Copters Mar05-Oct10

Eagle Copters Ltd VT-AZL: Eagle Copters

Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1958-P: Servicio Aereo de los Andes by May12

Calquin CC-AOH: Calquin Helicopters by Apr18
    36394 412ep 2006     VT-AZM: Global Vectra Helicorp from May06
Bell Helicopter N30011: Bell Dec05-Apr06

- 4R-SGA: Cosmos Sri Lanka from Aug11
    36397 412ep 2006     VT-AZN: Global Vectra 2006-2011
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FHWW: Bell Canada Feb/Jul 2006

Australia Air Ambulances VH-XCI: CareFlight QLD from Mar11
    36398 412ep 2006     VT-AZO: Global Vectra from Jul06
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FHWU: Bell Canada Mar/Jul 2006
    36407 412ep 2006     VT-AZP: Global Vectra from Nov06, lsd
Bell Helicopter N2519A: Cessna Finance Corp at Wichita, KS 18-27Oct06, test ser+
    36413 412ep 2006     VT-AZQ: Global Vectra from Jan07, lsd
- N80072: Cessna Finance Corp at Wichita, KS 27-29Dec06, test ser+
    36415 412ep 2006     VT-AZR: Global Vectra from Jan07
Bell Helicopter N2086C: Bell Sep/Dec 2006
    36416 412ep 2006     VT-AZS: Global Vectra from Jan07, lsd Cessna Finance
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FKAF: Bell Canada Sep/Dec 2006, test serial C-GAED

Bell Helicopter N8007U: Bell USA 15-29 Dec 2006
    36422 412ep 2006     VT-AZT: Global Vectra from Jul07, lsd
- N8019T: Cessna Finance Corp at Wichita, KS May/Jul 2007, test s+
    36097 412ep 1994     VT-AZW: Global Vectra from Jun07, lsd from Eagle Copters
Mexico Government XC-JCR: Mexico, test serial N4110T

- N412HB: Feb/May 2007

Eagle Copters C-FNWH: Eagle Copters May/Oct 2007
    36481 412ep 2008     VT-GVA: Global Vectra from Nov08
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FUFP: Bell Canada Apr/Aug 2008, test serial C-GLYY

Bell Helicopter N207AW: Bell USA Aug/Oct 2008
    36483 412ep 2008     VT-GVB: Global Vectra from Nov08
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FUFX: Bell Canada Apr/Sep 2008, test serial C-FEXW

Bell Helicopter N332FB: Bell USA Sep/Oct 2008
    36566 412ep 2011     VT-GVK: Global Vectra Helicorp from Mar12
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GJWZ: Bell Canada Jan/Jul 2011, test serial C-GBUB

Bell Helicopter N436TF: Bell USA Aug11-Jan12
    36394 412ep 2006     VT-GVL: Global Vectra Helicorp from Feb12
Bell Helicopter N30011: Bell Dec05-Apr06

- 4R-SGA: Cosmos Sri Lanka from Aug11
    36451 412ep 2007     VT-GVM: Global Vectra from Jun14
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FPBD: BHTCL, to EC-KMU


Eagle Copters C-GUNT: Eagle Copters Feb/Dec 2013

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