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    ireland LCI Aviation

    Lease Corporation International

    2012 to present

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    LCI $100M Co-Investment in Helicopters Leasing, 07-May-20 : #leasing LCI, leading helicopter lessor, strengthened its leasing platform with 6 AW139 and 3 H130 currently operating in USA and Australia in a new co-investment vehicle with Thora Capital RIVE Private Investment as partners valued US$100M

    Babcock Australia Received Two AW139 from Aberdeen, 11-Mar-19 : Heli-Expo 2019 Babcock transferred two AW139 from Aberdeen, Scotland to Karratha, Western Australia to support the oil and gas industry. LCI now owns 14 AW139 operating in Australia, 10 of them as air ambulance helicopters

    LCI Leased Medical AW139 to China’ Kingwing, 02-Jul-18 : #leasing LCI places first helicopters in China with 3 Medical AW139 lease to Kingwing

    Heli Union AW139 New Contract in Gabon, 18-Jan-18 : Heli Union, which is operating 8 AW139 in Africa and Asia, leased another one to be operated from Port Gentil, Gabon for offshore passenger transport

    LCI Delivers AW139 To Heli-Union, 08-Mar-17 : Heli-Expo 2017 France’ Héli-Union leased a brand-new AW139 from LCI to be used in Asia. Is the 23rd AW139 from lessor company LCI in service worldwide

    First LCI AW139 To Australia Westpac Rescue, 13-May-16 : The first of four AW139 ambulances leased from LCI by Australia s Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is in route to Newcastle, New South Wales. Scheduled to enter service in 2017

    Australian Helicopters New AW139 Ambulance, 29-Jul-15 : Australian Helicopters unveiled one of the new AW139 air ambulances which will be used to support Ambulance Victoria when the 10-year contract starts next January.

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    31744 2016 LCI Leasing, to Australia
    AgustaWestland Italy I-RAIN: AgustaWestland, test serial I-EASM

    Babcock Australia VH-NUA: Babcock Offshore Services Australasia Pty Ltd from Dec1+
    31745 2016 LCI Leasing, to Australia, test serial I-EASO
    Babcock Australia VH-NUB: Babcock Offshore Services Australasia Pty Ltd from Nov1+
    31605 LCI Jul15
    AgustaWestland Italy I-PTFT: AgustaWestland Italy from Mar15

    - ZS-HKM: Indwe Aviation South Africa from Jul15

    on the ramp in Bangor, Maine, USA
    31737 2016     -: LCI leasing, test serial I-PTFS
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-ZXC: Westpac Life Saver from Aug16, pictured
    31478 2013     -: Lease Corporation International (LCI)
    AgustaWestland Italy I-RAII: Test serial I-RAII, to UK

    Bond Aviation Group G-VINC: Bond Offshore Helicopters d/d Apr13 leasing from LCI, t+

    pictured based at Norwich for Bond Offshore Helicopter+

    Babcock International G-VINC: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd Apr16-Fe+

    Babcock Australia VH-NLT: Babcock Australasia from at Karratha
    41355 2013     -: Lease Corporation International (LCI)
    AgustaWestland USA N605SM: AgustaWestland, PA Oct/Dec 2013

    Bond Aviation Group G-VINJ: Bond Offshore Helicopters from Dec13

    pictured (pic1) at homebase Norwich

    pictured (pic2) again at Norwich

    Babcock International G-VINJ: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd Apr16-Fe+

    offshore transport from Norwich

    Babcock Australia VH-NLU: Babcock Australasia from at Karratha
    31727 2016     -: LCI leasing, test serial I-PTFR
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-ZXA: Westpac Life Saver from May16; pictured under rainbow
    31733 2016     -: LCI leasing, test serial I-EASM
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-ZXB: Westpac Life Saver from Jul16

    pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
    31738 2016     -: LCI leasing
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-ZXD: Westpac Life Saver from Oct16

    pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
    31704 2015     D-HHXH: With Hellservices on Maintenance prior to new lease with a n+
    HeliService International GmbH D-HHXH: HeliService Dec15-Dec18, test serial I-EASH

    pictured at Husum

    Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH D-HHXH: Wiking Helikopter Service from Jan19

    On Maintenance at end of Lease

    NHV Helicopters Ltd G-NHVC: NHV Helicopters Ltd reg Aug20; 21sep20 pictured (pic3) +

    pictured (pic4) at Norwich airport, just about to depar+

    pictured (pic5) at Norwich airport hangar

    pictured (pic6) on the ramp at the Norwich base

    pictured (pic7) at Norwich
    31758     EI-GFS: LCI Helicopters Sixteen Ltd Mar18, test serial I-EASM
    31461 2013     EI-GGS: LCI from Jun18
    Weststar Aviation 9M-WAP: Weststar Aviation Jul13-Jun18, test serial I-RAIP
    31501     EI-GOU: LCI Helicopters Eight Ltd from Jun19, still with Weststar ti+
    SFS Aviation HS-SFK: SFS Aviation Jul13-Mar18

    based at Songkhla Airport

    Air Born PK-BAJ: Air Born Mar/Jul 2018

    Thai Aviation Service HS-HVH: TAS May18-2019

    Weststar Aviation 9M-WAY: Weststar 2019
    31785     VH-XIB: LCI Helicopters Twenty One Ltd at Dublin, Ireland
    Shanghai Zenisun Investment Group B-702T: Shanghai King Wing General Aviation Jul18; ambulance

    StarFlight Australia VH-XIB: StarFlight ?

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-XIB: Lifeflight Australia Ltd, QLD from Sep20