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  • 1971 to 2009

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    31401 1971     158230: hh-1n conv to HH-1N; Nov75 to Sep78 at NAS Brunswick SAR; Oct97-20+
    US Marine Corps 158230: USMC, to Navy
    31404     158233: hh-1n conv to HH-1N; Nov75 to Sep78 at NAS Brunswick SAR; 19may9+
    US Marine Corps 158233: USMC, to Navy
    31408     158237: hh-1n USN, VXE-6 w/o 17jan86
    US Marine Corps 158237: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31409     158238: hh-1n 11aug92 pictured VXE-6 /XD-15 at Pt Mugu, CA in Antarctica +
    US Marine Corps 158238: USMC; conv HH-1N

    US Department of State N8525H: INL/A from 2007 type:HH-1N ex 158238
    31410     158239: hh-1n USN, VXE-6 /XD-16 w/o 21jan79
    US Marine Corps 158239: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31411     158240: hh-1n 1988 HC-16 /BF-106; 02nov04 stricken from the US Navy list; +
    US Marine Corps 158240: USMC; conv HH-1N

    US Department of State N8528D: INL/A from 2007 type:HH-1N ex 158240
    31412     158241: hh-1n USN, VXE-6 /XE, w/o 17feb79
    US Marine Corps 158241: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31416     158245: hh-1n HC-16 /BF-104; 24sep93 to AMARC-7H240
    US Marine Corps 158245: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31418     158247: hh-1n conv to HH-1N type; Asg Guam SAR unit; w/o 30jul79, sustai+
    US Marine Corps 158247: to Navy
    31420     158249: hh-1n USN, VXE-6 /XD-17; w/o 13oct92 near Cape Royds Antarctica, +
    US Marine Corps 158249: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31421     158250: hh-1n US Navy; -1982 was NAS Corpus Christi SAR bird
    US Marine Corps 158250: as HMT-303 /QT-421 at MCAS Camp Pendleton

    soc 28may05
    31423     158252: hh-1n -74 I was crew in Corpus Christi
    US Marine Corps 158252: 08apr99 damaged; 2004 soc
    31424     158253: hh-1n -1987, I worked on this at NAS Meridian, MS. OMD as a SAR He+
    US Marine Corps 158253: USMC, conv to HH-1N; soc 31jan05
    31425     158254: hh-1n US Navy; -1982 was NAS Corpus Christi SAR bird
    US Marine Corps 158254: USMC
    31426     158255: hh-1n USN, VXE-6 w/o 28jul87
    US Marine Corps 158255: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31427 1972     158256: hh-1n late 1970s-early 1980s asg NAS Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay Naval B+
    State of California N441PA: City of Fresno Police Department , CA Oct11-2012 ?

    State of California -: Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Dept for spare parts

    Classic Rotors from 2018; under restoration for display

    State of California N441PA: Classic Rotors Museum at Ramona, CA from Mar20
    31428     158257: hh-1n HH-1N type as NAS Meridian SAR /A-07
    US Marine Corps 158257: late 1970s-early 1980s asg NAS Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay Na+

    14jan09 pictured (top) as /5Y- at MCAS Yuma

    2011 HH-1N type as /5Y-04 with Yuma Base Flight

    pictured (bot) as Rescue /5Y-04 Yuma H&HS, MCAS Yuma, +

    HH-1N type asg Yuma H&HS /5Y-04; Mar16 still
    31605     158264: hh-1n US Navy, conv to HH-1N; 1982 pictured as /64 SAR Naval Air S+
    US Marine Corps 158264: USMC, 14oct77 to MASDC-7H070
    31613     158272: hh-1n conv to HH-1N ; Apr83 pictured (top) as VXE-6 /16 Naval We+
    US Marine Corps 158272: USMC d/d 1972; 11jul77 to MASDC-7H056
    31619     158278: hh-1n USN, date unk pictured as HC-16 /BF-103 at NAS Pensacola
    US Marine Corps 158278: USMC; VIP in prior delivery HMX-1 VH-1N

    to HMT-303?; 2004 Yuma H&HS /5Y at MCAS Yuma, AZ
    31624     158283: hh-1n 11aug92 pictured as VXE-6 /XD-10 in green cammo at NAS Point+
    US Marine Corps 158283: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31625     158284: hh-1n USN, conv to HH-1N; VXE-6 at NAS China Lake, CA
    US Marine Corps 158284: USMC; last seen as HMT-303 /QT-400; 30jun10 stricken f+

    pictured at Camp Pendleton, CA during ground TRAP trai+
    31433     158764: hh-1n USN HH-1N; 1976/1980 was US Navy Bicentennial bird at NAS Co+
    US Marine Corps 158764: USMC HH-1N; pictured (pic1) as /5Y- at MCAS Yuma SAR

    pictured (pic2) as /5Y-07 at Yuma, AZ

    type:HH-1N Yuma H&HS /5Y-07

    pictured (pic3) still at Yuma H&HS, MCAS Yuma, AZ

    picture still as Yuma H&HS /5Y-07 at MCAS Yuma
    31435     158766: hh-1n USN HH-1N; Nov75-Sep78 at NAS Brunswick SAR; Feb83-Aug84, st+
    31682     159206: hh-1n USN, HC-16 /BF-99
    US Marine Corps 159206: USMC, conv to HH-1N
    31452     160834: hh-1n USN HH-1N type
    US Marine Corps 160834: USMC, xfer to Navy

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