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    netherlands Koninklijke Luchtmacht

    Royal Netherlands Air Force

    2012 to present


    Koninklijke Luchtmacht CH-47F Chinook

    First 6 received from 2012. Additional 14 ordered in 2015 to replace last 11 CH-47D models. Deliveries expected from 2019.
    On April 2020, the first of 14 additional CH-47F Chinook was delivered to the RNLAF. Deliveries of the new helicopters (which includes 6 upgraded D models) is expected to be completed by 2021

    D-480 / D-485 : new CH-47F delivered 2020
    D-472 / D-479 : new CH-47F MYII CAAS delivered 2021
    D-890 / D-895 : rebuild CH-47D

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2012/    298 Squadron Gilze-Rijen AB
    Volkel AB
    2011/    302 Squadron US Robert Gray Army Airfield - Fort Hood

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    M.7472 2020     D-472: RNLAF official ceremony
    M.7473 2020     D-473: RNLAF Jan21
    M.7474     D-474: RNLAF Jul20
    M.7475     D-475: RNLAF Feb21
    M.7476     D-476: RNLAF Aug20
    M.7477     D-477: RNLAF Aug20
    M.7478     D-478: RNLAF Jun20
    M.7479     D-479: RNLAF Jan21
    M.7480     D-480: RNLAF Jul20, BuNo 16-07480
    M.7481     D-482: RNLAF Aug20, BuNo 16-07481
    M.7482     D-482: RNLAF Sep20, BuNo 16-07482
    M.7483     D-483: RNLAF Oct20, BuNo 16-07483
    M.7484     D-484: RNLAF Oct20, BuNo 17-07484
    M.7485     D-485: RNLAF Nov20, BuNo 17-07485
    M.8890 2007     D-890: NL014 Dec10, test serial N1004W
    Boeing Helicopters N1004W: Boeing
    M.8891     D-891: NL015, test serial N1074E; Aug12 298 Sqd
    M.8892 2007     D-892: NL016, test serial N1098X; Aug12 298 Sqd
    Boeing Helicopters N1098X: Boeing
    M.8893     D-893: NL017, test serial N1122R Aug12 302Sq
    M.8894     D-894: NL018, test serial N1149Z; Aug12 302Sq
    M.8895     D-895: NL019, test serial N1154T; Jan13 302Sq

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