Sikorsky S-70 H-60
mexico Policia Federal de Mexico

Mexico Federal Police

2008 to present


Policia Federal de Mexico S-70 H-60

Seven S-70A/UH-60L operational from 2008. Six additional UH-60M received from 2011 from the Merida Initiative a Mexico/USA partnership to fight organize crime

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Mexican Federal Police Black Hawk Overhaul, 01-Dec-17 : Dangle Aviation, part of TAI-GLOBAL, repaired a battle damaged UH-60 Black Hawk from the Mexican Federal Police and is going to upgrade another one at Ryan Airfield, Tucson, Arizona

Colombia to Support Black Hawk in Latin America, 04-Aug-16 : Formed in 2012, Sikorsky Colombia operates a Black Hawk depot repair facility fully tooled and equipped to provide complete airframe structural repairs and is now offering its services to Mexico

UH-60L/M simulator for Mexican Federal Police, 05-Mar-14 : Tampa, Florida, USA - CAE today announced it is designing and manufacturing a UH-60 Black Hawk full-mission simulator to be used by the Mexican Federal Police.

Mexico Federal Police take delivery of UH-60M, 11-Jan-11 : STRATFORD, Connecticut - The Department of State has delivered three UH-60M BLACK HAWK helicopters to the Government of Mexico’s Federal Police (FP). Designed and manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., the aircraft are the first of six advanced helicopters designed to support Mexico’s law enforcement operations as part of the Merida Initiative, a security cooperation agreement between the two countries.

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70-3085 uh-60l     PF-101: Policia Federal Mexico XC-ATA
70-3110 uh-60l     PF-102: Policia Federal Mexico XC-ATP
70-3207 uh-60l     PF-103: Policia Federal Mexico XC-ATF
uh-60l     PF-104: Policia Federal Mexico XC-AT?
70-3233 uh-60l     PF-105: Policia Federal Mexico XC-ATI
uh-60l     PF-106: Policia Federal Mexico XC-AT?; w/o 19sep13 at Guerrero durin+
70-3229 uh-60l     PF-107: Policia Federal Mexico XC-ATB?
70-3386 uh-60m     PF-108: Policia Federal Mexico d/d 11jan11, BuNo 09-20198
uh-60m     PF-109: Policia Federal Mexico d/d 11Jan11, BuNo 09-20200
70-3397 uh-60m     PF-110: Policia Federal Mexico d/d 11jan11, BuNo 09-20205
uh-60m     PF-111: Policia Federal Mexico d/d Dec11, BuNo 10-20328
uh-60m     PF-112: Policia Federal Mexico Nov12, BuNo 10-20329
uh-60m     PF-113: Policia Federal Mexico Aug13, BuNo 10-20333

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