Del'd: 8 - 1964 to 1989


Fleet Air Arm (RAN) 204

All c/n's delivered to the RAN where B models, as noted by T53-L11 power plants, China weights on the rotor head, and narrow cord rotor blades. C models had T53-L13 power plants, 540 series rotors (no china weight and large cord rotor blades), and larger fuel tanks (filler high on the left side). N9-3102 and N9-3104 did have C model fuel tanks. It should also be noted that all RAN UH-1's had E model external cabin winches, but this did not make them UH-1E's.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1964/89723 Squadron Nowra

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

3101 UH-1B     N9-3101: RAN d/d 1965; BuNo 64-17621
3102 UH-1C     N9-3102: RAN d/d 1965, BuNo 64-17622; 25nov70 ditched in Jervis Bay+
3103 UH-1B     N9-3103: RAN d/d 1965; BuNo 64-17623; w/o 26mar81 at Nowra; preserved+
3104 UH-1C     N9-3104: RAN d/d 1965; BuNo 65-12846; to RAN Historic Flight as VH-NV+
1472 UH-1C     N9-472: RAN UH-1C fate unknown
881 UH-1B     N9-881: RAN d/d 1964; BuNo 63-12953; w/o 05jun68 crashed into the se+
882 UH-1B 1963     N9-882: RAN d/d 1964; BuNo 63-12954
883 UH-1B     N9-883: RAN d/d 1964; BuNo 63-12955; w/o 11nov64 crashed among trees+

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