AgustaWestland A109LUH
sweden Försvarsmakten

Swedish Armed Forces

Del'd: 20 - 2006 to present


Försvarsmakten A109LUH

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) signed a contract on June 2001 for 20 Agusta A109 to be incorporated into the Swedish Armed Forces as their new light utility helicopter system. Their missions will include training, ASW, SAR and MEDEVAC with some of the helicopters equipped for ship based operations.

The A109LUH-S is known in Swedish service as Hkp.15A (Utility variant) and Hkp.15B (Search and Rescue)

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Turbomeca with Saab for swedish LUH engines, 30-Aug-12 : Bordes - Turbomeca (Safran group) has signed a contract with defense and security company Saab AB for the repair and overhaul of Arrius 2K2 modules and engines installed on A109 LUH helicopters of the Swedish Air Force.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2008/    2Hkpskv Linköping / Malmen
2006/    3Hkpskv Såtenäs


FS Visby class

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    13751     15021: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 21; 2009 pictured at the Paris Air Sho+
    13752     15022: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 22
    13753     15023: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 23. ex I-LTHH
    13754     15024: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 24
    13755     15025: Hkp15A type; 03jun12 2.Hkpskv /25 at Linkoping-Malmen Flygda+
    13756     15026: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 26
    13757     15027: Hkp15A type; 2.Hkpskv /27; Jul06 at Farnborough airshow, UK
    13758     15028: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 28
    13759     15029: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 29
    13760     15030: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 30
    13761     15031: Hkp15A type. 2.Hkpskv 31
    13762 2007     15032: Hkp15A type A109LUHS; Jun07 2.Hkpskv /32 at Paris Le Bourge+
    13763     15033: 01jun14 pictured at F17 70 years Flygvapnets Flygdag airshow+
    13764     15034: Hkp15A type, 2.Hkpskv /34
    13765     15035: Hkp15B type, grey cammo; 03jun12 2.Hkpskv /35 at Linkoping-M+
    13766 2008     15036: Hkp15B type A109LUH-S; 03jun12 pictured as 3.Hkpskv /36 gr+
    13767     15037: Hkp15B type. 2.Hkpskv 37. grey cammo
    13768     15038: Hkp15B type. 2.Hkpskv 38. grey cammo
    13769     15039: Hkp15B type. 2.Hkpskv 39. grey cammo
    13770     15040: Hkp15B type. 2.Hkpskv 40. grey cammo

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