NH Industries NH90
sweden Försvarsmakten

Swedish Armed Forces

2007 to present


  • Försvarsmakten NH90
  • Försvarsmakten NH90

Known as Hkp.14 in Swedish service, ordered in 2001 but not expected to be fully operational until 2020 and ordering UH-60M Black Hawk to fulfill the gap.

The HKp.14 was the first NH90 HCV variant (High Cabin Version). 18 TTH ordered, intially 13 (BSWA type #42-54) in Army configuration and 5 (BSWN type #55-59, in grey livery) for a maritime role equipped with sonar. In 2014 the order was changed for 9 BSWA (Hkp14E) and 9 BSWN (Hkp14F).

As of December 2015, 10 were delivered including the first in full ASW configuration

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Sweden Received First NH90 for Anti-Submarine Warfare, 17-Dec-15 : Sweden received first NH90 in full anti-submarine warfare (ASW) configuration. 13 Search and Rescue (SAR) and 5 ASW were originally ordered but 4 SAR already delivered will be modified to ASW.

Patria NH90 Spare Parts for Sweden and Finland, 06-Oct-15 : Patria Helicopters from Finland, a NH Industries (NHI) Authorized Nordic NH90 Service Center, has signed an agreement to supply NH90 spare parts for Swedish Armed Forces.

Saab Signs Swedish NH90 Maintenance Contract, 20-Jul-15 : Saab has signed a contract to provide component maintenance for the tactical mission system (TMS) on NH90 helicopters (known as Hkp 14) of the Swedish Armed Forces.

Sogitec NH90 Training Services for Sweden, 09-Feb-15 : Sogitec Industries has been awarded a contract for training Sweden NH90 crew at the French Army NH90 Joint Training Center (Centre de formation interarmées, CFIA) in Le Cannet-Des-Maures

Sweden signs the contract for 25 NH90, 26-Sep-01 : Swedish Air Force signed the purchase contract for 25 NH90 helicopters (including 7 in option)


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2008/    2Hkpskv Linköping / Malmen
2007/    3Hkpskv Såtenäs

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

1012 2005     141041: 1012/BSWA001 Hkp14A, o/o
Eurocopter France F-ZWTG: Eurocopter France f/f 18mar05; Jun05 at Le Bourget, Par+
1016     141042: 1016/BSWA002 Hkp14A, test serial F-ZWTK; 2007 at Paris Le +
1022     141043: 1022/BSWA003 Hkp14A; 03jun12 pictured as 2.Hkpskv /43 at Li+
1028     141044: 1028/BSWA004 Hkp14, test serial F-ZWTL
1048     141045: 1048/BSWA005 Hkp14, test serial F-ZWTI Patria Finland
1053     141046: Hkp14A; 2012 2.Hkpskv /46 green livery
1056     141047: Hkp14A /47, test serial F-ZWTR
1071     141048: 1071/BSWA08 Hkp14A
1064     141049: 1064/BSWA09 Hkp14A
1028     142044: SAF Hkp14A type rereg from 141044; 03jun12 pictured (top) as+
1048     142045: SAF HKP14A type, rereg from 141045; 03jun12 pictured with 2.+
1109     142055: Hkp14B /55, test serial F-ZWBB
1091     144050: 1091/BSWA10 Hkp14D, test serial F-ZKCK, 141050; grey livery
1096 2013     144051: Hkp14D d/d 17dec13, first NH90 TTT/IM type, ex 141051; Jun14+
1080     144052: 1080/BSWA12 Hkp14D, ex 141052; Jul15 3.Hkpskv
1169     144054: 1169/BSWA14 Hkp14D , ex 98+69, 2014 3.Hkpskv /54 grey liver+
1197     146056: 1197/BSWN02 Hkp14F, ex 142056; Jan16 3.Hkpskv
1249     146059: 1249/BSWN05 Hkp14F

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