1970 to 2013

Here we list former US Army aircraft. For USAF Huey variants see UH-1F, HH-1H and TH-1H. Used, among others, by the MFO Egypt/Israel Border and the Inter-American Air Forces Academy, International Airman Leadership School (IALS) at Lackland AFB

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Last USAF UH-1H to the New York police, 12-Jun-13 : HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. (AFNS) by Senior Airman Kentavist Brackin, 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs - The Air Force's last operational UH-1H Iroquois helicopter, more commonly known as Huey, was recently transferred to New York State Police's aviation unit as part of the Law Enforcement Support Organization Program here, June 5.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1994/1323 FTS Cairns AAF / Fort Rucker
1985/??6515 OMSEdwards AFB
??/136th SOS Duke Field
Hurlburt Field
Alexandria / England AFB
VN Pleiku
Alexandria / England AFB
Eglin AFB
318th TRS Lackland AFB

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

9379     67-17179: USAF 67-17179 to Australia (Feb ?) 1968
Royal Australian Air Force A2-377: 9 Sq in Vietnam by Mar 1968; served in Middle East 1982+

Australian Army A2-377: Army from Jan 1990; wfu Jun 2007

Displayed at RAAF Museum fom 2007
9567     67-17369: USAF
US Army Aviation 67-17369: 1983/84 I was the mech/crew chief on 369 while assigned+

1995 D/1-223Avn./69A; toward USAF
10838     68-16179: USAF
US Army Aviation 68-16179: US Army; 1995 D/1-223Avn./79J; toward USAF
10977     68-16318: USAF
US Army Aviation 68-16318: US Army; 1995 D/1-223Avn./18B; toward USAF
11551     69-15263: USAF; 2006 23 FTS
US Army Aviation 69-15263: US Army; Apr81 pictured with 6th (Air Combat) Cavalry B+
12676     70-16371: USAF ?
US Army Aviation 70-16371: US Army

State of Washington N584VK: King County Sheriff Office(KCSO) at Seattle, WA Aug15-+

State of Washington N790RJ: King County Sheriff Office (KCSO) at Seattle, WA from J+
12756     70-16451: th-1h USAF 2005, conv to TH-1H; Mar14 23 FTS /FR
US Army Aviation 70-16451: US Army
13138     71-20314: USAF
US Army Aviation 71-20314: US Army; 1995 D/1-223Avn./14A; toward USAF
13409     73-21721: USAF; asg Multinational Force and Observers Air Wing to patr+
State of New York N224SP: New York State Police (NYSP) d/d 05jun13, ex USAF 73-21+
13435     73-21747: th-1h USAF; 10-15apr18 TH-1H type at SUN n FUN 2018
US Army Aviation 73-21747: US Army; cnvt to UH-1V

type UH-1V after service Army to USAF TH-1H
13448     73-21760: USAF
US Army Aviation 73-21760: US Army; 1995 D/1-223Avn./60L; toward USAF
13545     73-21857: USAF; 2011 6th SOS
US Army Aviation 73-21857: US Army, conv to UH-1V; 17jun06 pictured as Georgia Nat+
13630     74-22306: th-1h USAF, UH-1H conv to TH-1H; 2008 23 FTS
US Army Aviation 74-22306: US Army; 1995 D/1-223Avn./06B
13759     74-22435: USAF
US Army Aviation 74-22435: US Army; 1995 D/1-223Avn./35D; toward USAF