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SB>1 Defiant Achieved 211 Knots

The Sikorsky/Boeing SB>1 Defiant achieved a new speed milestone reaching 211 knots ~ 390 km/h for the first time

SB>1 Defiant Achieved 211 Knots
Lockheed Martin, October 15, 2020 - The Sikorsky/Boeing SB>1 Defiant demonstrator achieved 211 knots straight and level and 232 knots in a descent on October 12 with only about two-thirds prop torque and engine power.

The Sikorsky-Boeing team continues to make great progress as we advance DEFIANT’s rigorous flight test program. With every flight, as we continue to increase DEFIANT’s speed, angle of bank and rate of climb, we are gathering important data, expanding our speed and maneuverability envelope and validating our modeling and simulation tools.

We are excited about the results we are seeing and what the future holds for our ability to bring this capability to the warfighter.

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Sikorsky SB>1 Defiant

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