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  • NEWS | Bell 505 Jet Ranger X in Mecaer

    MAGnificent Interiors at Paris Air Show 2019

    Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) has the Bell 505, Bell 429 and Bell 525 VIP luxury interior designs on display at Paris Air Show 2019
      Paris Air Show 2019


    MAGnificent Interiors at Paris Air Show 2019

    Mecaer Aviation Group, June 18, 2019 - Paris Air Show 2019 – Mecaer Aviation Group, Inc. (MAG) will display their full line of MAGnificent interiors at the Paris Airshow.

    MAG’s line of luxury interiors, branded MAGnificent, are available in the Bell 505, 429 and 525 and all three will be on display at the Bell Chalet at the Paris Airshow next week.

    The family line of VIP interiors begins with the Bell 505. The MAGnificent adds new panels/liners to the ceiling, doors and sidewalls. The passenger and crew seats are modified while carpet and entry thresholds are added. Installation time is less than one week and less than 70 pounds are added to the aircraft. STCs are available with the FAA, EASA, TCCA and ANAC.

    Next in line is the Bell 429 equipped with the VIP MAGnificent kit. Available in six, five or four seat configurations, the Bell 429 MAGnificent is equipped with SILENS (Sound Intensity Level Enhanced Noise System) technology, reducing the noise in the cabin to a level where passengers can communicate with each other without the use of headsets. Custom materials can be selected by clients creating a flying board room or private VIP transport. MAG’s proprietary I-FEEL (In-Flight Entertainment Enhanced Lounge) is installed along with passenger electro-chromic windows.

    MAG’s largest MAGnificent will be on display in the Bell 525. The interior is a functional mock-up with 3 standard passenger seats and four captain chairs. Attendees will be able to pair to the I-FEEL system and control the electro-chromic windows, a limousine window in the forward bulkhead, music, video and ambient lighting. The VIP interior includes the SILENS panel system, multiple cabinets and video monitors.

    “This is the first time all three interiors will be in the same location available for buyers to see and experience” said Armando Sassoli, Co-General Manager of Mecaer Aviation Group. “All three are functional systems allowing visitors to use the technology and appreciate the “Made In Italy” luxury.”

    About Mecaer Aviation Group: With facilities across Italy, Canada and the United States, MAG offers integrated systems including flight controls, landing gear and actuation systems, as well as cabin comfort systems for helicopters, business aircraft, general aviation and basic trainers. Capabilities include design, development, manufacture, certification, and noise and vibration abatement, together with completion, modification, and MRO services.

    The Bell 429 and Bell 525 interior VIP designs:

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