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SMART-FTI Test Instrumentation for RACER

With a €1.2M funding by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for the next three years, the SMART-FTI project for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will design a specialised aerodynamic flight test instrumentation for the Clean Sky 2 demonstrator Airbus RACER

The SMEs selected are Vectoflow GmbH, Evolution Measurements and Any Shape – Additive Technologies

SMART-FTI Test Instrumentation for RACER
CleanSky, August 19, 2020 - On 22 June 2020, the SMART-FTI project kicked off during an online video conference in line with COVID-19 requirements.

The Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) taking part in the project are all first-timers – they’ve never been part of a Clean Sky project before, and they’re eager to sink their teeth into this new challenge.

The goal of SMART-FTI is to design specialised aerodynamic flight test instrumentation that will address the unique demands of the RACER demonstrator. The project will draw on the specialist additive manufacturing skills of the three companies and their knowledge of sensor modules and instrumentation.

“These innovative instrumentation assemblies will enable minimally intrusive measurements with broad coverage to characterise the aerodynamics of a novel helicopter concept and allow for improvements to fuel consumption and performance,” says Katharina Kreitz of Vectoflow GmbH, the coordinator of the project. “The key factors of non-intrusiveness, easy and fast installation, and flexibility are the core objectives.”

The project’s concept centres on a modular approach, designing instrumentation using additive manufacturing which will be thin, lightweight, and of high-strength and temperature resistance, also improving the aerodynamic performance of RACER. In this way, it will contribute to Clean Sky’s environmental objectives.

Different sensors, probes and all other elements will be integrated into the modules using a ‘plug&play’ approach. The advantage of this approach is that each module can be calibrated offsite and installed non-intrusively.

Project officer Sonell Shroff has high expectations from this first time SME consortium. “My interaction with the consortium has been frequent and very productive. It is a group of meticulous people we are working with here, and this shows in the details of the project plan. We are dealing with innovative technology and a very challenging brief, and the team is already working together well. It can only get better from here,” she says.

SMART-FTI brings together three SMEs: Vectoflow GmbH is a young, innovative company developing fluid-dynamic metrology devices, Evolution Measurements is a provider of physical and consultative solutions to measurement problems, and Any Shape – Additive Technologies for Industry specialises in additive manufacturing. The combination of their unique skillsets will make for innovative flight test instrumentation to fit the specific needs of RACER.

SMART-FTI has been granted €1.2 million by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for a period of three years.

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