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    Bell Helicopter representative

    Headquartered in Miami, Florida is the largest Cessna Aircraft Company distributor in the world and a a Independent Representative for Bell Helicopter for 33 countries in and around Africa.


    Bell Touring Models 429 and 505 in Africa, 22-Oct-19 : #Africa Bell representantives for Africa, National Airways Corporation (NAC) and Africair, conducting a Bell 429 demo tour in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia to showcase the capabilities of the helicopter

    First Bell 505 in Kenya, 09-Sep-18 : #Kenya Bell representative Africair delivered the first Bell 505 to Kenya based transport company KIDL Helicopters

    Africair Signs for Two Bell 525s and One 407GXP, 29-Jun-15 : Paris Air Show 2015 Africair signed a letter of intent(LOI) for two Bell 525s and an order for a 407GXP during the Paris Air Show for multiple purposes including corporate VIP transport and oil and gas.

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    Model Types

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      Bell 525 Relentless2019

    List of Aircraft

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    AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 5402 1988N227NR : reg May89; Africair Inc at Miami, FL Oct/Nov 2003
    AS355E TwinStar 5030 1981N355HR : reg Feb00; Aug02 noted Manhattan heliport; Africair Inc at Miami ...
    407 53896 2008N368AW : Africair Inc at Miami, FL Jun/Jul 2009
    407 54074 2011N439FB : Africair Inc at Miami, FL Feb/Apr 2012
    412EP 36606 2012N462UB : Africair Inc at Miami, FL Mar13-Sep15
    429 57084 2012N466AB : Africair Inc, Jan/Feb 2013
    412EP 36608 2012N474NE : Africair Inc at Miami, FL Mar13-Sep15
    407GX 54380 2012N483CC : Africair Inc at Miami, FL May13-Jul14, test serial C-GAEP
    412EP 36447 N5167U : Africair Inc Feb/Apr 2008
    412EP 36441 2007N5168X : Africair Inc Jul07-Apr08, test serial C-FNXF
    407GXP 54616 2015N5660M : Africair Inc at Miami, FL Jan/Jul 2016
    505 Jet Ranger X 65289 N878FB : Africaair Inc at Miami, FL Jan20-Mar21

    12 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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