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  • brazil Comando de Aviação do Exército

    Brazilian Army Aviation

    Comando de Aviação do Exército Brazilian Army Aviation

    Comando de Aviação do Exército
    Established 1988, vast majority of the helicopters provided by Helibras. Local names:

    - HM = Helicópteros de Manobra ( Maneuver Helicopters )
    - HA = Helicópteros de Ataque ( Attack Helicopters )

    - HA-1 Fennec = HB350B/BA Esquilo / AS350B/BA Squirrel
    - HM-1 Pantera = AS365K / AS565AA Panther
    - HM-2 Black Hawk = UH-60L Black Hawk
    - HM-3 Cougar = AS532UE Cougar
    - HM-4 Jaguar = EC725BR-E Caracal


    Presentation of H145M to the Brazilian Army, 22-Apr-19 : #H145M Helibras, Brazilian Airbus subsidiary, presented the mock-up of the H145M combat helicopter to the Brazilian Army Aviation

    Mission Planning Software for Caracal, 09-Apr-18 : The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) developed a mission planning software for the EC725BR / H225M Caracal to be used by the 3 armed forces

    Airbus HCare for Brazilian and Mexican H225M, 05-Apr-18 : FIDAE 2018 Airbus signs largest HCare Smart contracts in Latin America for 50 (30 delivered) Brazilian armed forces EC725BR and 11 Mexican air force EC725 valued 125 million euros

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    List of Units

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        1º Batalhão de Aviação do Exército - 1st Army Aviation Battalion 1 BAvEx1986 --
        2º Batalhão de Aviação do Exército - 2nd Army Aviation Battalion 2 BAvEx1993 --
        3º Batalhão de Aviação do Exército - 3rd Army Aviation Battalion 3 BAvEx1993 --
        4º Batalhão de Aviação do Exército - 4th Army Aviation Battalion 4 BAvEx1995 --

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       Base Aerea de Manaus4 BAvEx 1995/   
       Base de Aviação de Taubaté1 BAvEx 1986/   
    2 BAvEx 1993/   
       Campo Grande3 BAvEx 1993/   

    Model Types

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      EC EC725 Caracal 2010
      EC AS532UE Cougar 82002
      Sikorsky S-70 H-6041996
      EC HB350BA Esquilo 201992
      SNIA AS565AA Panther 361989
      SNIA HB350B Esquilo161988

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