brazil Polícia Civil

Brazilian Civil Police

Organisation News

90 Airbus Helicopters in Rio 2016 Olympic Games, 11-Aug-16 : 83 military helicopters and 7 civil Ecureuils supported by Airbus Helicopters’ local customer center Helibras has been deployed at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

New EC145 to Rio de Janeiro Police, 01-Jun-16 : To be used in the Olympics Games, first of two EC145 helicopters equipped with the most advanced security system was delivered to the Rio de Janeiro police. The second one scheduled for the end of July.

Second AW119Kx Delivered to Rio Grande do Sul, 16-Apr-15 : LAAD 2015 Aeromot Aeronaves has taken delivery of its second AW119Kx helicopter to be used to perform medevac/EMS, public utility and law enforcement missions by the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul

Rotary Wing Aircraft Units Login to Edit

Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State PCERJ? --
    Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul - Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul State PCERS? --

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

UH-1H Iroquois 12569 ? : Policia Civil Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ) from Nov13
UH-1H Iroquois 9893 ? : Policia Civil Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ) from Nov13
AW119Ke Koala 14768 2010PP-CGO : Policia Civil Goias (GPAER); w/o 08may12 at Fazenda do Boi, Piran ...
HB350B Esquilo 1640 PP-EIH : Policia Civil do Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ) /01, conv to AS.350BA ty ...
HB350B2 Esquilo 2659 PP-EOF : Secretaria de Estado da Seguranca Publica Sao Paulo; w/o 14jul01
HB350B Esquilo 2003 PP-FJC : conv to AS350BA type; Policia Civil Brasilia, noted Oct06
HB350B2 Esquilo 3169 PP-FZA : Policia Civil do Distrito Federal /02, noted Oct05
HB350BA Esquilo 2861 PP-OCZ : Policia Civil Sao Paulo
UH-1H Iroquois 9629 PR-COE : Policia Civil Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ)
HB350B3 Esquilo 4152 PR-EPC : Policia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ); Jun07 noted; D ...
UH-1H Iroquois 9502 PR-FEC : Policia Civil Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ) from Dec08
AS350B2 Ecureuil 7373 PR-HFI : Segurança Pública Estado de Maranhão (MA); 17dec13 pictured w ...
HB350B3 Esquilo 7292 2012PR-HPC : Policia Civil do Rio Grande do Sul PCERS d/d 28nov12
EC145 9538 2012PR-KPM : Seguranca Publica do Governo da Bahia d/d 14dec12
EC145 9409 PR-MRH : Seguranca Publica do Governo da Maranhao from Dec10, test serial ...
HB350B2 Esquilo 7475 PR-POL : Estado de Alagoas, Segurança Pública Dec12
AW119Kx Koala 14830 2014PR-POS : Rio Grande do Sul PCERS, op by Aeromot
EC145 9590 2013PR-PPA : Grupamento Aereo de Segurança Publica do Pará from Apr14; Guard ...
AW119Kx Koala 14828 2014PR-RES : Rio Grande do Sul PCERS, op by Aeromot
AS350B2 Ecureuil 4098 2006PR-SMV : Policia Civil Sao Paulo, Serviço Aerotático do DEIC; 08nov13 p ...
206L-3 Long Ranger 51536 1992PT-HKW : Governo do Estado de Alagoas, Mar93
HB350B Esquilo 1118 PT-HLA : Policia Civil Sergipe, Secretaria de Estado da Seguranca Publica, ...
HB350B2 Esquilo 2772 PT-HZF : Policia Civil Florianopolis, SAER Operacoes Aereas; Dec09 noted; ...

23 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

Latest News

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