cayman islands CHC Cayman Islands

Helicopters leased to support Desire Petroleum and Rockhopper oil exploration wells in the Falklands/Malvinas islands.


CHC partners with CAA of the Cayman Islands, 18-Apr-11 : CHC Helicopter, the world’s leading offshore helicopter services provider, is pleased to announce a joint partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI).

List of Aircraft

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H225 / EC225LP 2986 LN-OJM : CHC Cayman Islands ?
AS332L2 Super Puma 2582 2002VP-CHB : CHC Cayman Islands Apr11-Apr13
: 15nov12 pictured (pic1) at Gypsy Cove/Cabo Cangallo, Falklands/Ma ...
: 05apr13 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland
AS332L2 Super Puma 2393 1994VP-CHC : CHC Cayman Islands Apr11-Dec12
: CHC Cayman Islands from Jun13 for Royal Dutch Shell off Benin, Af ...
: Flown in Benin, Gabon, Benin, Turkey (Istanbul) and finally Gabo ...
S-76C 760377 1991VP-CHC : Cayman Islands 1997
S-76C 760764 2009VP-CHD : CHC Cayman Islands from May12
: 24jan15 at De Kooy, Den Helder Heliport, Netherlands
: 16feb15 12:40UTC loaded on a flatbed transport in Hoofddorp, Net ...
: 18aug15 loaded on truck at highway A5 heading North, Netherlands ...
: May18 for sale
AS332L2 Super Puma 2398 1993VP-CHE : CHC Cayman Islands from Jun13 for Royal Dutch Shell off Benin, Af ...
AW139 31474 2013VP-CHF : CHC Cayman Islands; Apr/Jun 2014 in Malta
: 16jul14 travelling now with VP-CHJ. They have just left Almeria a ...
: 17jan15 in Paramaribo, Suriname
AW139 31479 2013VP-CHJ : CHC Cayman Islands; Mar/Jun 2014 in Malta
: 14jul14 near Alicante
: Heading SW along the Spanish coast just offshore from Cartagena
: 16jul14 travelling now with VP-CHF. They have just left Almeria ...
: 13jan14 at a Dutch Airport (which?) on the back of a truck
S-76C 760651 2007VP-CHM : CHC Cayman Islands from Apr16
S-76C 760689 2007VP-CHN : CHC Cayman Islands from Jun16
AS332L Super Puma 2074 1983VP-CHO : CHC Cayman Islands from Feb14; reg to be confirmed, noted Apr14 ...
: 17apr14 at Seaforth Docks in Liverpool England now waiting to be ...
: 22apr14 17:50hs has left Seaforth Docks and is now at Liverpool a ...
: 24apr14 12hs pictured landed at Budapest-Ferihegy and left the ai ...
: 25apr14 landed at Tuzla, Romania for offshore operation
: Oct17, to be scrapped at Heli-One in Stavanger, Norway
AW139 31070 2007VP-CHP : CHC Cayman Islands from 2016
AS332L Super Puma 2139 1985VP-CHR : CHC Cayman, Islands, rtn to LN-OME
S-76C 760547 2003VP-CHS : CHC Cayman Islands from Apr16
S-76C 760593 2005VP-CHT : CHC Cayman Islands from Apr16
S-76C 760574 2004VP-CHU : CHC Cayman Islands from Oct17
S-76C 760548 2003VP-CHV : CHC Cayman Islands from Mar16

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