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    c/n 31479

    Year 2013

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 31479 Register G-SNSI VP-CHJ G-FTOM used by CHC Scotia ,CHC Cayman Islands. Built 2013. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 31479 Register G-SNSI VP-CHJ G-FTOM used by CHC Scotia ,CHC Cayman Islands. Built 2013. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom CHC Scotia

    2013-04CHC Scotia Apr13-Jun14
    2013-10-22AEGPB out of Sumburgh, Shetland Islands, on North Sea Oil and Gas support
    2014-01-13BEGPD - Aberdeen, Scotland
    2014-03-17CLIMA - Turin, Piedmont IT
    2014-04-01DLMML - Gudja/Luqa, Gudja/Luqa MT
    2014-06-0404Jun14 to CHC Cayman Islands as VP-CHJ


    cayman islands CHC Cayman Islands

    2014-01-1313jan14 at a Dutch Airport (which?) on the back of a truck
    2014-06CHC Cayman Islands
    Mar/Jun 2014 in Malta
    2014-06-15DLMML - Gudja/Luqa, Gudja/Luqa MT
    2014-07-14ELEAL near Alicante
    Heading SW along the Spanish coast just offshore from Cartagena
    2014-07-16FLEAM travelling now with VP-CHF. They have just left Almeria after what looks like a quick refuel


    united kingdom CHC Scotia


    2016-12-13CHC Scotia from Dec16
    2017-08-06BEGPD transferred from Humberside (EGNJ) to Aberdeen (EGPD) arriving 1500hrs local.
    2017-08-07AEGPB at Sumburgh
    2017-10-25GEGSH - Norwich, England
    2018-11-06 Humberside, England
    2018-12-08 Louth, England
    2019-01-08 Cleethorpes, England
    2019-02-07 Cleethorpes, England
    2019-03-11 Kingston-upon-Hull, Offshore UK
    2019-03-15 Newbury, England
    2019-03-19 Humberside, England
    2019-04-18 Bridlington, England
    2019-05-20 Kingston-upon-Hull, England
    2019-06-20 Block 47/14, Amethyst Field, Offshore UK
    2019-07-23 Humberside, England
    2019-08-22 Humberside, England
    2019-09-21 Humberside, England
    2019-09-27GEGSH at Norwich

    Norwich, England
    2019-10-31 Humberside, England
    2019-12-02 Norwich, England
    2020-01-03 Norwich, England
    2020-02-02 Coltishall, England
    2020-02-12 HNL25A Den Helder, Noord-Holland NL
    2020-03-16 HNL25A Den Helder, Noord-Holland NL
    2020-03-21 Coltishall, England
    2020-04-23 Norwich, England
    2020-05-26 Norwich, England
    2020-06-19 Block 42/13, Breagh Field, Offshore UK
    Norwich, England
    2020-06-20 Block 42/13, Breagh Field, Offshore UK
    2020-06-21 Norwich, England
    2020-07-21 Kingston-upon-Hull, Offshore UK
    2020-08-20 Humberside, England
    2020-09-04 Unicorn Bravo HPZ, Offshore Netherlands NL
    Grimsby, Offshore UK
    2020-10-04 Humberside, England
    2020-11-03 Humberside, England
    2020-12-04 Humberside, England
    2021-01-05 Humberside, England
    2021-02-04 Block 47/3, Rough Field, Offshore UK
    2021-02-20 , Offshore Belgium BE
    2021-02-22 Kingston-upon-Hull, Offshore UK
    2021-03-25 Humberside, England
    2021-05-05 HNL30A Den Helder, Noord-Holland NL

    Call sign for this aircraft: HNL05A HNL05B HNL05C HNL05D HNL06A HNL06B HNL07A HNL07B HNL11A HNL22A HNL24B HNL25A HNL25B HNL25C HNL30A HNL30B HNL30C HNL35A HNL43A HNL50A HNL70A HNL88A HNL99B

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