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Mi-8MTV-1 95930 VN-7846 : VNH
Mi-172 VN-8420 : VNH
Mi-172 VN-8424 : VNH
Mi-172 VN-8425 : VNH
Mi-172 704C07 VN-8426 : VNH, to VT-MAH
Mi-172 VN-8427 : VNH
Mi-172 VN-8428 : VNH
EC155B1 6645 VN-8601 : SSFC
EC155B1 6647 VN-8602 : SSFC
SA330J Puma 1407 VN-8607 : SSFC? 1989-2005
AS332L2 Super Puma 2348 1993VN-8608 : SSFC offshore at Cuu Long JOC 2007-Jan16
AS332L2 Super Puma 2366 VN-8609 : VN-8609; to LN-OHH
AS332L2 Super Puma 2380 VN-8610 : SSFC
AS332L2 Super Puma 2664 VN-8614 : SSFC; ex F-OISY
AS332L2 Super Puma 2672 VN-8616 : SSFC; ex F-OISZ
EC225LP 2730 2009VN-8618 : SSFC; as F-WWOZ /H24 at Paris Air Show 2009
EC225LP 2735 VN-8619 : Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company; Sep13 flew 160 hours
EC225LP 2857 VN-8620 : SSFC VNH South, test serial F-WWOZ; 24may14 pictured during fligh ...
EC155B1 6869 2009VN-8621 : VNH, test serial F-WWPO
H225 / EC225LP 2934 2014VN-8622 : VNH South
EC155B1 6900 2010VN-8624 : VNH
AW189 49029 2015VN-8629 : VNH South Jul16~2017, test serial I_EASO
Cabri G2 1075 2014VN-8630 : VNH Training Center (VNHT), test serial F-WWHZ
Cabri G2 1076 VN-8631 : VNH Training Center (VNHT), test serial F-WWHG
H130 / EC130T2 8002 2014VN-8632 : VNH Central; 28apr15 pictured on launching of DaNang Tours
: w/o 18oct16 crashed Bao Quan Mountain, Ba Ria, Vung Tau Province. ...
Cabri G2 1177 2016VN-8635 : VNH Training Center (VNHT) from Jan17, test serial F-WZED
AW189 49033 2015VN-8640 : VNH South from Dec15
: 22feb16 pictured (pic2) entering operations at Cuu Long JOC
AW189 49035 2015VN-8641 : VNH South, test serial I-EASN
H130 / EC130T2 7936 VN-D667 : VNH; Apr15 at Gia Lam Heliport, Hanoi
EC155B1 6885 2011VN-D668 : VNH North / VALC, noted May12

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