usa Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight Five

US Navy

HSC-85 Firehawks
United States Naval Aviation

2006 to present    

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight Five US Navy

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight Five
United States Navy Reserve helicopter squadron former HCS-5, redesignated on October 2006. Operates the HH-60H Seahawk to support the Navy Seals

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News of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight Five

HSC-85 On Centennial of the Navy Reserve, 08-Mar-15 : SEAL Team 17 and Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 85 (HSC-85) recognized the Centennial Celebration of the Navy Reserve with events at Naval Air Station North Island and Naval Amphibious Base Coronado


2006/    NAS North IslandKNZY


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2006/    S-70 H-60     HH-60H Rescue Hawk
2006/10 S-70 H-60     MH-60S Seahawk

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for HSC-85
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-036 hss-2 148964 : 2006 UH-3H type as HSC-85 /NW-00; Dec07 wfu
70-1607 hh-60h 163784 : USN; 2012 HSC-85 /NW-300
hh-60h 163785 : Jul13 - Aug13 HSC-85./NW-312 tdy Rockhampton
70-620 hh-60h 163786 : Jan14 HSC-85 /NW-314
hh-60h 163792 : 2012 HSC-85; 2014 still
70-1677 hh-60h 163798 : Sep12 HSC-85
70-2275 hh-60h 164841 : 2014 HSC-85
70-1951 hh-60h 165113 : USN; Sep95 as /NH-(61)4 HS-6 Persian Gulf in 2 tones grey non-standard c/s+
70-2194 hh-60h 165118 : Jul13 - Aug13 HSC-85./NW-310 tdy Rockhampton
70-2285 hh-60h 165121 : 2012 as HSC-85 /NW-313
70-2290 hh-60h 165257 : Jul/Aug 2013 HSC-85 /NW-311 tdy Rockhampton
: w/o 16apr14, asg HSC-85, Main rotor blades impacted canyon wall
70-2291 hh-60h 165258 : Nov12 as HSC-85 /NW-301
70-2292 hh-60h 165259 : Mar12 as HSC-85 /NW-303
: Jul13 - Aug13 HSC-85./NW-303 tdy Rockhampton
mh-60s 165759 : USN; Oct06 HSC-85 /NW-05; Mar10 still
70-2785 mh-60s 166300 : USN; Jun10 HSC-85 /NW-00; Oct12 HSC-21 /VR-69


15-jul-1306-aug-13AU Talisman Saber 2013

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