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Bell 429 Increased Weight Approval in Argentina, 24-Jul-12 : The Administracion Nacional de Aviacion Civil in Argentina (ANAC) approved the increased maximum gross weight for the Bell 429 up to 7,500 lbs / 3,400 kgs. Eleventh country to date


Martin Miguel de GuemesSASA


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Gobierno de Salta List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
53629 407 2004 LV-BBP : Gobierno de Salta 2009, ex Neuquen
57064 429 2011 LV-CYG : Gobierno de Salta from 2012; pictured at Santa Victoria airfield. IAI Ara+
Bell Helicopter N455QW : Bell Sep11-May12, test serial C-GLZK
205 FH-1100 LV-OAO : Gobierno de Salta DPA
Argentine Army Aviation AE-399 : Ejercito, to LV-OAO
53343 Fire-X 1999 LV-ZPF : Gobierno de Salta -2004 Bell serial N8105Q; pictured (pic1); 2004 replace+
Bell Helicopter N91796 : Bell Helicopters ; ex LV-ZPF, conv to ARH-70 prototype f/f 03jun05; pictur+
: Bell/Northrop Grumman Fire-X UAV; 10 pictured (pic4) on f/f at Yuma, AZ
Northrop Grumman N91796 : Bell / Northrop Grumman; conv to Fire-X UAV; pictured (pic3) on conv
36261 412ep 2000 LV-ZXO : Gobierno de Salta 911; Jun11 12 days trip to Puerto Rico for overhaul
Bell Helicopter N6106G : Bell Jul00-Feb01, test serial C-GFNK