usa 305th Rescue Squadron

US Air Force

305 RQS :

1958 to present    


usaf 305 rescue squadron

305th Rescue Squadron
Part of the 943rd Rescue Group, Air Force Reserve (AFRC) at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.

1958-1965 SA(later, HU)-16 Albatross
1965-1972 HC-97 Stratofreighter
1972-1992 HC-130 Hercules
1976-1983 CH-3
1976-1992 HH-3
1991-1992 MH-60
1993-     HH-60

Previous names:
1958 - 305 Air Rescue Squadron (305 ARS)
1967 - 305 Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron (305 ARRS)
1990 - 305 Air Rescue Squadron (305 ARRS)
1992 - 305 Rescue Squadron (305 RQS)

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News of 305th Rescue Squadron

Davis-Monthan Pave Hawk in Tampa Exercise, 30-Nov-19 : #CombatRescue US Air Force Reserve 305th Rescue Squadron based at Davis-Monthan, Arizona moved Pave Hawks to Tampa, Florida for teaming with Army Special Forces at the Avon Park Air Force Range in a readiness operation exercise


1992/    Davis-Monthan AFBKDMA
1958/92Selfridge airfieldKMTC


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1991/    S-70 H-60
1976/92S-61 H-3

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