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Operated by Med-Trans Corp, has been providing fixed-wing air ambulance services since its inception in 1989 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Accredited by CAMTS since 2001.

List of AeroCare Texas bases as of 2018 ;
- AeroCare I - Lubbock, Texas
- AeroCare II - Clovis, New Mexico
- AeroCare III - Lubbock, Texas
- AeroCare IV - Seminole, Texas
- AeroCare V - Odessa, Texas
- AeroCare VI - Fort Stockton, Texas
- Aerocare VII - Lovington, New Mexico
- AeroCare VIII / AeroCare Ground 1 - Plainview, Texas
- AeroCare Ground 2 - Clovis, New Mexico
- AeroCare Ground 3 - Lubbock, Texas

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News of AeroCare

Med-Trans Opens New AeroCare Base in Texas, 21-May-18 : Med Trans opened a new AeroCare base at Hale County Airport in Plainview, Texas with medically-equipped Bell 407


2018/    PlainviewKPVW


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Bell 407
Eurocopter EC135P2+

AeroCare List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
54056 407 2011 N241MT : AeroCare by 2018, op by Med-Trans
Med Trans Corp N241MT : Vesey Air at Danbury, CT May11-Sep13, test serial C-FEXW
: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT Sep13-Apr16
: Med Trans Corp 2016
TVPX N241MT : TVPX ARS Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT from Apr16
53604 407 2004 N515MT : AeroCare /8 op by Med-Trans, pictured (pic2) Premian Basin, West Texas
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FBKC : Bell Canada, test serial C-FOEP
AVN Air LLC N515MT : AVN Air Llc at Hunt Valley, MD
Med Trans Corp N515MT : Med Trans Corp; Jul10-Nov14 Colorado Springs, CO; 2014- Lewisville, TX
State of Colorado N515MT : Memorial Star Transport Colorado, pictured (pic1)
53272 407 1998 N522MT : AeroCare, op by MedTrans; Nov16 pictured at AeroCare 2
- XB-MTT : Mexico, test serial N44501
Med Trans Corp N827DS : Med -Trans Jul08-Jul09
Med Trans Corp N409UT : Med Trans Jul/Sep 2009
Med Trans Corp N522MT : Med Trans Corp from Sep09
0821 ec135p2+ 2009 N523MT : Oct16 pictured (pic1) as AeroCare 1, op by Med-Trans
Med Trans Corp N523MT : Med Trans Corp from Aug09
State of Pennsylvania N523MT : MidAtlantic MedEvac /MedEvac4 by Aug18 , op by Med-Trans ; pictured (pic2+
Med Trans Corp N523MT : Med Trans Corp by Apr20

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