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HC-4 : Black Stallions
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1960 to 2007    


Helicopter Combat Support Squadron FOUR
Tail Codes
HC 1983/07
1960 - Helicopter Utility Squadron Four (HU-4)
1965 - Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Four (HC-4)
1973 - HSL-30

1983 - Reactivated as HC-4 Black Stallions, tail code HC
2007 - disestablished
HC-4 provided a detachment of CH-53E for logistics support for the 5th Fleet, in Bahrain from Apr 1992. It handed over the mission to HM-14 on 10 Aug 1999.

I was stationed in NAS Lakehurst and served with the squadron till June 1968. My service included a time with detachment 36 in Vietnam. We lost scooter 54 on april 8, 1968 6 miles off the coast of Vung Tau. I was the combat aircrewman, assigned with pilot Lt Carl Park and Ltjg Grahm co-pilot. Thanks to the two great aviators we and three passengers made it home. I was known as Dee Deacosta then. Anyone knowing of anyone from this still alive and well please contact
1963-1966 I was station at Lakehurst, NJ. I was at the cermony when we change the squadron from HU-4 to HC-4 in 1965. I was a plane-captain on UH-2A/UH-2B, UH-1, CH-19 i had a great time flying in those great helicopters. I also was sent on many ships. USS Wright (CC-2) and USS Northampton (CLC-1), plus flew aboard many other ships. Please send any info about the squadron after 1966
1964-1966, I was HU4-HC4. Served on the USS Springfield in the Med. USS Wright-USS Northampton out of Norfolk AE 3 - AirCrewman - Plane Captain Great days. Great enjoyment!!
1966-1967, I was in HC-4 at the Norfolk Naval Air Station. Flew in the H-46, SH-3, and H-34's. Went aboard the USS Camden (AOE-2) the first fast attack supply ship to train them in flight operations. AT2 Mark Linn
Apr66 till discharge Nov67 I was Officer Records Yeoman/YN3 CDR Sharpe and CDR Cook we CO/XO during this time. Anyone remembering me and would like to talk my name and email follow. Tim Spiese YN3
1966-1968, I came to hc4 I was a pr my po in charge was pr1 Meehan I worked in the paraloft we packed chutes at mad paraloft in hanger 1. I still stay in close contact with tom Chesery he was a yeoman does anyone remember leading chief Scotty my name is Ricky montez.
1966-1969 Hi, Jack here, I was stationed with HC-4 at Lakehurst hanger4?, was AE4. Would like to here from HC-4 guys back then. jackomurph at aol com
1967-1969, I was stationed at NAS Lakehurst in HC-4. I was an aviation structural mechanic(ams)2nd, H-2 plane captain and SAR aircrewman. Made 1968 Med cruise aboard USS Little Rock (CLG4) Det47, with LTJG Stevenson and LT Rader. Always loved to fly in those helos. Many great memories, great people and great times. The Little Rock is now a museum ship moored at Buffalo New York. My name is Gary Andrews.
1967-1969, I was with HC-4 Aviation Electricians mate 3rd class. Spent time in Gaeta Italy on USA Little Rock. 10 days on USS Independence in summer of ‘69 for carrier quals. Mike Huebner
Jun67-Jun69 I was in HC-4 at Lakehurst Naval Air station. I was an Aircraft Electronics Tech. I was on detachments on the USS Little Rock (CLG-4), USCG Edisto (WAGB-284), and the USS Springfield (CLG-7). I have been trying to find some our squadron member. You can find me on FB. Mark Clatterbaugh
1967-1970 I was stationed at NAS Lakehurst and attached to squadron HC-4. I was an aviation electrician and combat aircrewman on the UH-2B. Seen detachments to the North Pole aboard the coast guard icebreaker, USS Westwind, and also Westpac, operating off the USS Mt. McKinley. Great time of life and would recommend to any young person searching for opportunities. Name - Steve "Doc" Doctor, Go Navy!!
1967-1970 I was in HC-4. ADJ2 aircrewman, plane captian, detatchment crewleader. Still had 6 H-19s when first there. The UH-2C was just coming on line when I got out. Also aboard the Mt. McKinley (AGC-7/LCC-7) Det.36 departing from the Clevland in Dec 1969. Best I recall you were there with me Doc Ltjg Graham was also with us for a while on that deployment. Ive got pictures in a box somewhere. Others I recall on that cruise were Randy Whitten, M A Watts, Eric Erickson, Steve Doctor, Jeff a kiddie cruiser from Wis and Joe an AE from Fla. The Gray Ghost saw service from DaNang to Vye, Cam Rahn Bay and Saigon. My name is Pat Morris.
Pat Morris I seen your response on this website. Yes, I do remember those good old days our group when we were over in the Philippines during our Westpac days. Really great to hear from you. If time email skdocto at gmail. God bless, Doc
1968-1970. Det.36
Apr69-Dec70 I was in HC-4 stationed at Lakehurst when I got out of the Navy. I was an aviation electrician mate and spent short periods of time on the USS Independence, the Lexington, and the USS Raleigh, while attached to HC-4.
late 1969, I arrived at HC-4 and until I left the service Jan72. I was a plane captain, and air crew. Sailed on USS Newport News (CA-148) and USS Pocono (AGC-16). Veterans Day makes you remember those fond memories. While looking for photos of HC-4 squadron, I found this site. Elmer Bott
1969-1970, looking for the guys that went cruising with me on the USS Lexington (CV-16). AMS-3 Moyer
Aug83-Sep85, I was the commissioning Corpsman (HM). I joined the Squadron about a week after it arrived onboard US NAS Sigonella. It was the 1st of 2 Squadrons I had the honor of being a part of. Wouldn't trade my time for anything. I transferred to PATROL SQUADRON FIVE (VP-5) in Sep 1985. HM1 Willie Deadwyler, USN (Ret)
Jun88-Jun92, I was stationed the first time with HC-4. Was an AO2 Aircrewman. Worked in the line shack and then OPS. Deployed all around the MED in support of the CBG and the MARG. Used to do 700 mile round trips out of Sigonella to the carriers. Deployed to Liberia (Ndr Operation Sharp Edge=evac US citizens from civil war) aboard the USS Ponce (LPD-15) and then moved to Freetown, Sierra Leona in support of the MARG. Started with one helicopter on the ride down with the MARG. Added a second helicopter after about a month. Changed out and left to go to Jeddiah Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Storm.
Jun88-Jun94, There as enlisted in the 1970's as enlisted and thereafter as an officer from Liberia thru GW I, the squadron broke so many records. The claims no ship wanted the helo abroad is nonsense, as most of my officer time on the carriers, HC-4 was welcome. The CH-53E could haul more than the CODs and easily moved cargo and people from ship-to-ship unlike the fixed wing C-2. During GW I, HC-4 was the Navy's number one maintenance department, so in a war they proved their stuff in spades. Our all woman detachment kicked butt to, so there is nothing bad or shameful about HC-4, except later the outfit was led haphazardly and committed to missions without regards to the crews or their upkeep. Like all squadrons, there are cycles, and HC-4 hit its peak during the evacuation of Liberia, and Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and after during the collapse of the USSR< the longest self-lift to Northern Europe in naval aviation history. Glad to have been a part of a great team of the finest sailors and officers in my 24 year Mustang Officer career. If you think this outfit was never safe or not wanted, you were unfit for duty overseas with this classic naval aviation squadron. Joe Yuna
Oct92-Jul93 I was stationed with HC-4. It was my first helicopter squadron in my then 18 year career. I was assigned to the training department and maintenance during this time. I was TAD twice, both times to Naples from Sigonella. I never found a purpose of the squadron since no ship wanted us to come on board because of the size of the helicopters. I never felt it was a safe and never really wanted to fly in it. I wasn't in the squadron long, due to some medical issues and never missed it after I came back to the states.

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1983/07IT SigonellaLICZ
1960/73NAS LakehurstKNEL


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