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Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 264
Black Knights, tail code EH

1959 - Marine Transportation Squadron Light 264 (HMRL-264)
        1959-1968 - HUS-1 / CH-34D
1962 - HMM-264
        1968-1970 - CH-46D
        1970-1984 - CH-46F
        1984-2009 - CH-46E
2009 - VMM-264

1973, I was on the Guadalcanal on the 73 Med cruise. A ch46 was delivering mail to another u.s. ship in our task force when it was lowering the mail out of the bottom hatch it lost an engine crashed off the end of the ship. The water was so deep we found the main front and one helmet. We rescued everyone but the Pilot was never recovered . We circled the crash site all day looking for him. -

1978-1982, I did two med cruises with 264 as a1st mech. One on the Guam and the other on the Guadalcanal. I remember that cobra going down

1979, while stationed aboard USS Guam on MED, 3 helicopters went down during the same landing operation, one was an AH1, The AH1 pilot, and gunner were killed when they flew into a high tension line. HMM-264 /EH-10 157668 (maybe) crashed while responding to the AH1 crash, but it was only lightly damaged, the hilo was recovered. A CH53 was lost when it lost an engine during backload to the ship and had to ditch in the water. Because of sensitive equipment aboard and the water was too deep for recovery,the aircraft and cargo was destroyed. If you know anyone who was on this MED when all this happened I would like to hear from them. I have a couple of pictures of the HH 46 being defueled

I was a 53 hyd doorgunner the 53 crew that when into the MED was Crewchief Lugo Careia, First Mech David Futral, we called him Kentuck

I was there during this situation. Was skid kid and assigned with 264 on the med 1979 I was a door gunner as well we know each other

1978-1981, I was a Crew Chief in HMM-264 Ch-46 aircraft /EH-08 156473. As for the AH-1 crash I was the first on the crash scene and helped get the pilots out of what was left of the helo. then put them on my bird and flew them back to the Guam. I was also the first on the scene with the Navy SAR team when the CH-53 that dropped into the Med when they were on final approach

1979, I was aboard for the Cruise79 on the USS Guam when the Cobra went down. It was my OIC at the time. I was in HMM264 Avionics. The Dark Spark. It was horrific for me because i wasn't just another Marine. It was someone that I knew. We were devastated. Then to have the CH53 go down, it was difficult, especially since it was my first Cruise. We were on the USS Guam LPH 9, the USS Guadalcanal LPH 7 and the US Saipan LHA 2

1980 Jun/Nov, I was with BLT2/6 aboard the USS Guadalcanal (LPH7), enroute to Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. Flew many mission in ch-46 and ch-53. God bless the Marine pilots and crewchiefs of HMM-264 BLACKKNIGHTS Squadron that kept those birds in the air. It was a love/hate relationship as a Marine Infantryman, I wanted to get off those birds as fast as possible while in flight, but yet waiting anxiously to be extracted out. Man, I miss it.!!!

1982-1985, I was with HMM-264 from October 1982 until June 1985. I deployed aboard the USS Guadalcanal to Beirut in 1983 and did the Med Cruise on the USS Nassau from July 1984 - Feb 1985. I have very fond memories of HMM-264. Sgt Robin Matthews Avionics

1983, HMM-264 served in the Beirut Deployment

I was on that cruise, rock base was home, coming back from a mail run from Larnica, we saw the embassy bombing smoke though the windscreen approaching the USS Guadelcanal. Pissed us all off when we heard what had taken place. BLACK KNIGHTS 4 EVER... -Sgt MeadowsA/C Crewchief, aboard the Guad then

Jan/Jun 1983, I was with this unit when it was deployed to Beruit, Lebanon

1985-1988 I was assigned to HMM 264 from 85-88. I was a flight line mechanic on my first med cruise on the uss Guam and a crew chief on my second cruise on the uss Nassau. I served with some of the best marines I ever knew. These men were the best leaders our country ever produced nWe did have a couple mishaps as that seems like the theme here. We landed one on an olive tree in Turkey, broke up in three pieces, full load of infantry on board. Miraculously, everyone walked away. Only one injury, the CO broke his nose on the dash. I got out 2 months early on terminal leave in 88 and one month later we had a midair crash on goggles during desert training. We lost Cpl Hank Horvath and Captain Stuber, Hank was the crew chief and the nicest guy you ever met and Captain Stuber was a top notch test pilot , and the last pilot I flew with nGood men who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom nThanks for the opportunity to share

1993, deployed with HMM-264 on SPMAGTF to Haiti and Cuba -

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