japan Misawa Herikoputta Kuyutai

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Misawa Helicopter Airlift Squadron
Japanese Air Force


The Misawa Herikoputa Kuyutai (Helicopter Airlift Squadron) reports to the Kuko Kyunandan (Air Rescue Wing) and provides SAR and medium helicopter airlift for military forces in Hokkaido from its base at Misawa Air Base (RJSM). It flies the CH-47J Chinook.

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1980/    Misawa Air BaseRJSM


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List of aircraft

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
5070 CH-47JA 2004 47-4490 : Kawasaki CH-47JA, c/n 5070, ff?; del JASDF as 47-4490, unk; asgd Misawa He+
5076 CH-47JA 2005 57-4494 : Kawasaki CH-47JA, c/n 5076, ff?; del JASDF as 57-4494, unk; asgd Misawa He+
5079 CH-47JA 2006 67-4495 : Kawasaki CH-47JA, c/n 5079, ff?; del JASDF as 67-4495, unk; asgd Misawa He+
5005 CH-47J 1987 77-4472 : Kawasaki CH-47J, c/n 5005, (Boeing supplied kit), ff?; del JASDF as 77-447+
5083 CH-47JA 2007 77-4497 : Kawasaki CH-47JA, c/n 5083, ff?; del JASDF as 77-4497, unk; asgd Misawa He+
5012 CH-47J 1988 87-4473 : Kawasaki CH-47J, c/n 5012, ff?; del JASDF as 87-4473, unk; asgd Misawa Her+
5056 CH-47J 1998 87-4486 : Kawasaki CH-47J, c/n 5056, ff?; del JASDF as 87-4486, unk; asgd Misawa Her+

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