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    US Army Aviation

    1945 to present    


    1-244th Assault Helicopter Battalion (AHB), UH-60 Black Hawk
    Det 1, D Company, 2-151st Aviation Regiment, UH-72 Lakota

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    News of Louisiana National Guard

    Joint Emergency Medicine Exercise 2022, 28-Jun-22 : #JEMX Louisiana Army National Guard Black Hawk and Lakota helicopters provided aerial Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) and Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) support for the 2022 Joint Emergency Medicine Exercise (JEMX) for Army, Navy, and Air Force medical teams, including active duty, National Guard and Reserves

    Louisiana Guard’s Lakotas Helping Counterdrug Task Force, 16-Feb-17 : Louisiana Counterdrug Aviation’s Operations supported the Louisiana State Police with their Army National Guard UH-72 Lakota’s enhanced communications and specialized technology

    Louisiana National Guard 10 Years After Katrina, 28-Aug-15 : With nearly all buildings and infrastructure in the southern half of the state destroyed, the LANG started over from a blank slate with each facility to be designed for current and future requirements

    Metro Aviation Honored by Department of Defense, 19-Nov-14 : US Department of Defense announced that Metro Aviation received the Above and Beyond Award in recognition of extraordinary support of employees who serve in the Louisiana National Guard and Reserve


    NAS JRB New OrleansKNBG


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    2007/    UH-72A Lakota
    S-70 H-60

    Louisiana National Guard List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    9123 uh-72a 2007 07-72009 : US Army LUH009 d/d Oct07, Eurocopter serial N423AE; 5th Aviation Battalion+
    9125 uh-72a 2007 07-72010 : US Army LUH010 d/d Oct07; 5th Aviation Battalion, Fort Polk, Louisiana
    Eurocopter USA N424AE
    9126 uh-72a 2007 07-72011 : US Army LUH011 d/d Oct07, Eurocopter serial N426AE; 5th Aviation Battalio+
    9128 uh-72a 2007 07-72012 : US Army LUH012 d/d Oct07, Eurocopter serial N429AE; 5th Aviation Battalion+
    9129 uh-72a 2007 07-72013 : US Army LUH013 d/d Nov07, Eurocopter serial N430AE; 5th Aviation Battalion+
    9132 uh-72a 2007 07-72014 : US Army LUH014 d/d Nov07, Eurocopter serial N431AE; 5th Aviation Battalio+
    9135 uh-72a 2007 07-72015 : US Army LUH015 d/d Nov07, Eurocopter serial N434AE; 5th Aviation Battalio+
    9138 uh-72a 07-72016 : US Army LUH016 d/d 2008; 2013 5th Aviation Battalion, Fort Polk, Louisiana
    Eurocopter Germany D-HMBO
    Eurocopter USA N435AE
    9139 uh-72a 07-72017 : US Army LUH017 d/d 2008, Eurocopter serial N436AE; 5th Aviation Battalion,+
    9143 uh-72a 07-72018 : US Army LUH018 d/d 2008, Eurocopter serial N437AE; 5th Aviation Battalion,+
    9176 uh-72a 07-72036 : 2009 Det.1 Co 1-114th AVN LA ARNG; 2018 still
    9178 uh-72a 07-72037 : US Army LUH037, test serial N476AE; May09 Det.1 Co 1-114th AVN LA ARNG; 20+
    9375 uh-72a 10-72142 : Louisiana ARNG AASF Esler Regional Airport, Pineville;Det.1 Co 1-114t+
    9376 uh-72a 10-72143 : Louisiana ARNG AASF Esler Regional Airport, Pineville;Det.1 Co 1-114th +
    9378 uh-72a 10-72144 : US Army; 2017 1-114th AVN LA ARNG
    M.8875 ch-47f 12-08875 : as B Co, 3-126 AVN, Maryland Army National Guard training in the 27th I+
    uh-72a 12-72241 : Louisiana ARNG AASF Esler Regional Airport, Pineville;Det.1 Co 1-114+
    70-4260 uh-60m 13-20563 : US Army; 2014 Co B 1-244th AVN LA ARNG
    uh-60m 13-20620 : 1-244th AVN LA ARNG
    uh-60m 13-20625 : 1-244th AVN LA ARNG
    uh-60m 2020 20-21102 : Delivered to Louisiana Army National Guard at KHDC
    0035 oh-6a 65-12950 : on display on airport in south Louisiana; 2010 in restoration at Chennault+
    12744 uh-1h 70-16439 : 2004 asg LA ARNG, UH-1V type
    US Forest Service N125FC
    13752 uh-1h 74-22428 : UH-1V type 812th MedCo LA ARNG
    US Air Force 74-22428
    70-1226 uh-60a 88-26019 : 2017 1-244th AVN LA ARNG