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  • usa Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

    State of California

    SCSO : Henry One



    sonoma county sheriff

    Pioneered by Sgt Ed Wilkinson who used to fly his own helicopter on patrol in the 1960s, the Sonoma County Sherrifs office started fling his own Bell 47 Angel 1 from 1972. Sgt Wilkinson died in a tragic accident in 1977.
    Angel 2, a Hughes 369 was acquired in 1977 which unfortunately was lost in a crash accident that killed both Deputy Sheriffs aboard, Brent Jameson and Bliss Magley,
    In 1981 they received a MD500D, Henry 1, but was retired in 1982 after numerous mechanical problems .
    From 1983 to 2008, the Sonoma County outsourced the helicopter service to private vendor which provided both the helicopter and the pilot, a Bell 206, then 206L and finally a 407.
    In 2008, they decided to return to the owner model and acquired a Bell 407 from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).
    In June 2018 was replaced by a brand new Bell 407GXP with glass cockpit and mission equipment.

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    News of Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

    Sonoma County Sheriff’s Bell 407GXP, 22-Jun-20 : #HenryOne Let’s meet the crew of Sonoma County Sheriff’s Bell 407GXP helicopter, called Henry One, used daily in parapublic and rescue missions


    Sonoma CountyKSTS


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    Bell 407
    Bell 407GXP
    Hughes 369HS

    Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    54728 407gxp 2017 N108SC : County of Sonoma at Santa Rosa, CA from Feb18 Sonoma County Sheriff’s Of+
    : meet the crew
    Bell Helicopter N829KB
    53075 407 1996 N108SD : Sonoma County Sheriff Office (SCSO) CA May08-Jul18; pictured
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FZKJ
    - N407GH
    - N108SD
    76-0829S 369hs 1976 N191BB : Sonoma County Sheriff Office (SCSO), CA from Aug77; w/o 24apr81; May81 can+
    - N8304F

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