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WellSpan Health is a large integrated health care system located in South-Central Pennsylvania serving York, Adams, Lancaster, Franklin and Lebanon counties and Northern Maryland. Headquartered in York, PA.
WellFlight air ambulance operated by Air Methods

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WellSpan Health New Air Ambulance in Lancaster, PA

WellSpan Health New Air Ambulance in Lancaster, PA

29-Mar-23 - WellFlight, the air ambulance program of WellSpan Health in Pennsylvania, opened a second medical base. The Lancaster helicopter will joined Gettysburg which was launched by Air Methods in 2020 #Lancaster
Launch of WellFlight Air Ambulance

Launch of WellFlight Air Ambulance

26-Sep-20 - Central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland have a new air ambulance helicopter, WellFlight, from WellSpan Health and operated by an EC135 of Air Methods #Wellflight


Penns Landing HeliportP72

helicopter   Models

Years Models
Airbus H130
Eurocopter EC135P2+
Eurocopter EC135T2
Eurocopter EC135T2+

WellSpan Health List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
0573 ec135p2+ 2007 N241AM : WellFlight, op by Air Methods, as N811LV ?
CFS Air N241AM
Air Methods N241AM
Mercy Air N241AM
0502 ec135t2 2006 N28WS : WellSpan WellFlight, op by Air Methods
N308ME : op by Air Methods Corp as Wellflight 2-8, Gettysburg, PA
Air Methods N28WS
8240 h130 2016 N410W : WellSpan WellFlight, op by Air Methods WellFlight
N811LV : WellSpan WellFlight, op by Air Methods
Airbus Helicopters USA N346AH
Air Methods N811LV
State of Arizona N410W
0554 ec135t2+ 2007 N916LH : WellFlight 2-8 based in Gettysburg, PA; A cooperative between Air Methods +
- N135TH
State of North Carolina N135DU
- N135DU
Air Methods N916LH
State of Indiana N916LH
Airlift Northwest N916LH
- N955AL

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