Guided-Missile Frigate Tromp class


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4300full load (tn)
133.20length (m)
14.80beam (m)
6.60draught (m)
5000range (nm)
28max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Tyne
1Naval Engine propulsion system: COGOG
1Missile Launcher Mk 13
2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
1Naval Gun Bofors twin 120 mm
1Close-In Weapon System Goalkeeper
1Naval Radar air search radar SPS-01
2Naval Radar fire direction radar AN/SPG-51
1Naval Radar fire direction radar WM25


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    Typical Max
NL Dutch Navy Westland Lynx 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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NL Royal Schelde - 2

List of Ships

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NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF801Hr.Ms. TrompPADE - TR19751999
NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF806Hr.Ms. De RuyterPAEP19762001

2 units


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1971-aug-4Laid downNL F801 Hr.Ms. Tromp
1971-dec-22Laid downNL F806 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter
1973-jun-3LaunchedNL F801 Hr.Ms. Tromp
1974-mar-9LaunchedNL F806 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter
1975-oct-3CommissionedNL F801 Hr.Ms. Tromp
1976-jun-3CommissionedNL F806 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter
1977-jun-25DeploymentNL F801 Hr.Ms. Tromp Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review off Mother Bank
1978-aug-27Port VisitNL F806 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter present for Portsmouth Navy Days, with AH-12A Wasp 247 embarked
1981-janAircraftNL F806 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter hosted HMS Arethusa ships flt Wasp until Mar 1981
1986-jun-21HomeportNL F801 Hr.Ms. Tromp Fleet days 1986 on board Lynx 269
1999DecommissionedNL F801 Hr.Ms. Tromp
2001-jan-29NL F806 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter departure
2001-oct-3DecommissionedNL F806 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter

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