Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow


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8Naval Surface-to-Air Missile RIM-7 Sea Sparrow

Used by

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1964US Support Ship Sacramento class1
1966NO Frigate Oslo class1
1969US Support Ship Wichita class1
1973JP Helicopter Carrier Haruna class1
1975US Destroyer Spruance class1
1975NL Guided-Missile Frigate Tromp class1
1976BE Frigate Wielingen class1
1978NL Frigate Kortenaer class1
1978ES Corvette Descubierta class1
1982DE Frigate F 122 Bremen class1
1982JP Destroyer Hatsuyuki class1
1986JP Destroyer Asagiri class1
1989US Assault Carrier Wasp class2
1990PT Frigate Vasco da Gama class1
2008DK Corvette Knud Rasmussen class1

In Service

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US United States Naval Aviation
NO Royal Norwegian Navy
JP Japanese Navy
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
BG Bulgarian Navy
BE Belgian Navy
EG Egyptian Navy
ES Spanish Navy
MA Royal Moroccan Navy
DE German Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
DK Royal Danish Navy

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