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  • JP Hatsuyuki class


    JP Takatsuki class


    Destroyer Hatsuyuki class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    JP Asagiri class 1986
                            JP Murasame class 1996
                                                    JP Takanami class 2003
                                                                            JP Akizuki 2010 class 2012
                                                                                                    JP Asahi class 2018


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    3800full load (tn)
    130length (m)
    13.60beam (m)
    4.20draught (m)
    30max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Tyne
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: COGOG
    2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
    1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
    1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
    1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC
    2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm


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        Typical Max
    JP JMSDF Mitsubishi SH-60J Seahawk 11
    JP JMSDF Mitsubishi S-61 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    JP Ishikawajima Shipyard (IHI) - Isogo3
    JP Maizuru - 1nm NW of Maizuru City, Kyoto2
    JP Mitsubishi Nagasaki - 2
    JP Mitsui Tamano - 2
    JP Sumitomo Uraga - Uraga3

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    JPJMSDFDD 122JDS Hatsuyuki1982--
    JPJMSDFDD 123JDS Shirayuki1982--
    JPJMSDFDD 126JDS Hamayuki1983--
    JPJMSDFDD 124JDS Mineyuki1984--
    JPJMSDFDD 125JDS Sawayuki1984--
    JPJMSDFDD 127JDS Isoyuki1985--
    JPJMSDFDD 128JDS Haruyuki1985--
    JPJMSDFDD 129JDS Yamayuki1985--
    JPJMSDFDD 130JDS Matsuyuki1986--
    JPJMSDFDD 131JDS Setoyuki1986--
    JPJMSDFDD 132JDS Asayuki1987--
    JPJMSDFDD 133JDS Shimayuki1987--
    JPJMSDFDD 151Asagiri class JDS AsagiriJSPE1988--
    JPJMSDFDD 152Asagiri class JDS Yamagiri1989--
    JPJMSDFDD 153Asagiri class JDS Yūgiri1989--
    JPJMSDFDD 154Asagiri class JDS Amagiri1989--
    JPJMSDFDD 155Asagiri class JDS Hamagiri1990--
    JPJMSDFDD 156Asagiri class JDS Setogiri1990--
    JPJMSDFDD 157Asagiri class JDS Sawagiri1990--
    JPJMSDFDD 158Asagiri class JDS UmigiriJSUG1990--
    JPJMSDFDD 101Murasame class JDS MurasameJSMK - 011996--
    JPJMSDFDD 102Murasame class JDS Harusame1997--
    JPJMSDFDD 103Murasame class JDS Yudachi1999--
    JPJMSDFDD 104Murasame class JDS Kirisame1999--
    JPJMSDFDD 105Murasame class JDS InazumaJSPR2000--
    JPJMSDFDD 106Murasame class JDS Samidare2000--
    JPJMSDFDD 107Murasame class JDS Ikazuchi2001--
    JPJMSDFDD 108Murasame class JDS Akebono2002--
    JPJMSDFDD 109Murasame class JDS Ariake2002--
    JPJMSDFDD 110Takanami class JDS TakanamiJSTN2003--
    JPJMSDFDD 111Takanami class JDS Onami2003--
    JPJMSDFDD 112Takanami class JDS Makinami2004--
    JPJMSDFDD 113Takanami class JDS Sazanami2005--
    JPJMSDFDD 114Takanami class JDS Suzunami2006--
    JPJMSDFDD-115Akizuki 2010 class JS Akizuki2012--
    JPJMSDFDD-116Akizuki 2010 class JS Teruzuki2013--
    JPJMSDFDD-117Akizuki 2010 class JS SuzutsukiJSLN2014--
    JPJMSDFDD-118Akizuki 2010 class JS Fuyuzuki2014--
    JPJMSDFDD 119Asahi class JDS AsahiJSUP2018--
    JPJMSDFDD 120Asahi class JDS Shiranui2019--

    40 units


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    1979-mar-14Laid downJP DD 122 JDS Hatsuyuki
    1979-dec-3Laid downJP DD 123 JDS Shirayuki
    1980-nov-7LaunchedJP DD 122 JDS Hatsuyuki
    1981-feb-4Laid downJP DD 126 JDS Hamayuki
    1981-apr-22Laid downJP DD 125 JDS Sawayuki
    1981-may-7Laid downJP DD 124 JDS Mineyuki
    1981-aug-4LaunchedJP DD 123 JDS Shirayuki
    1982-feb-8CommissionedJP DD 123 JDS Shirayuki
    1982-mar-11Laid downJP DD 128 JDS Haruyuki
    1982-mar-23CommissionedJP DD 122 JDS Hatsuyuki
    1982-apr-20Laid downJP DD 127 JDS Isoyuki
    1982-may-27LaunchedJP DD 126 JDS Hamayuki
    1982-jun-21LaunchedJP DD 125 JDS Sawayuki
    1982-oct-19LaunchedJP DD 124 JDS Mineyuki
    1983-feb-25Laid downJP DD 129 JDS Yamayuki
    1983-apr-7Laid downJP DD 130 JDS Matsuyuki
    1983-sep-6LaunchedJP DD 128 JDS Haruyuki
    1983-sep-19LaunchedJP DD 127 JDS Isoyuki
    1983-nov-18CommissionedJP DD 126 JDS Hamayuki
    1983-dec-22Laid downJP DD 132 JDS Asayuki
    1984-jan-26CommissionedJP DD 124 JDS Mineyuki
    1984-jan-26Laid downJP DD 131 JDS Setoyuki
    1984-feb-15CommissionedJP DD 125 JDS Sawayuki
    1984-may-8Laid downJP DD 133 JDS Shimayuki
    1984-jul-10LaunchedJP DD 129 JDS Yamayuki
    1984-oct-25LaunchedJP DD 130 JDS Matsuyuki
    1985-jan-23CommissionedJP DD 127 JDS Isoyuki
    1985-mar-14CommissionedJP DD 128 JDS Haruyuki
    1985-jul-3LaunchedJP DD 131 JDS Setoyuki
    1985-oct-16LaunchedJP DD 132 JDS Asayuki
    1985-dec-3CommissionedJP DD 129 JDS Yamayuki
    1986-jan-29LaunchedJP DD 133 JDS Shimayuki
    1986-mar-19CommissionedJP DD 130 JDS Matsuyuki
    1986-dec-11CommissionedJP DD 131 JDS Setoyuki
    1987-feb-17CommissionedJP DD 133 JDS Shimayuki
    1987-feb-20CommissionedJP DD 132 JDS Asayuki
    1987-aug-16Port VisitJP DD 129 JDS Yamayuki with HSS-2 8087
    1987-aug-16Port VisitJP DD 130 JDS Matsuyuki with HSS-2 8096
    1988AircraftJP DD 122 JDS Hatsuyuki with S-61 8020 onboard
    1988-sep-26Port VisitJP DD 131 JDS Setoyuki Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
    1988-sep-26Port VisitJP DD 133 JDS Shimayuki Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
    2011-junJP DD 124 JDS Mineyuki was stationed in North Vancouver seaside pier area for a week, awesome vessel

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