US Mk 16 8-cell ASROC

Torpedo Launchers


Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC

Used by

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1957US Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Long Beach class1
1958US Guided-Missile Cruiser Albany class1
1960US Guided-Missile Destroyer Coontz class1
1961US Frigate Bronstein class1
1962US Guided-Missile Cruiser Leahy class1
1964US Frigate Garcia class1
1965JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Amatsukaze class1
1965US Frigate Knox class1
1966JP Destroyer Yamagumo class1
1966US Guided-Missile Frigate Brooke class1
1967JP Destroyer Takatsuki class1
1970JP Frigate Chikugo class1
1973JP Helicopter Carrier Haruna class1
1973ES Guided-Missile Frigate Baleares class1
1974US Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) California class1
1975US Destroyer Spruance class1
1976JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Tachikaze class1
1982JP Destroyer Hatsuyuki class1
1986JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Hatakaze class1
1986JP Destroyer Asagiri class1
1989JP Frigate Abukuma class1
1994TH Frigate Phutthayotfa Chulalok class1

In Service

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US United States Naval Aviation
MX Mexican Navy
BR Brazilian Navy
PK Pakistan Navy
TR Turkish Navy
JP Japanese Navy
GR Hellenic Navy
EG Egyptian Navy
ES Spanish Navy
TH Royal Thai Navy

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