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  • 1966    

    Guided-Missile Frigate Brooke class

    Originally Guided Missile Destroyer Escorts (DEG) they were the air defense variant of the Garcia class by replacing their second gun with a Mk22 Tartar/Standard missile launcher. They were reclassified as Guided Missile Frigates (FFG) in 1975

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Oliver Hazard Perry class 1975
                            US Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class 1982
                                                    AU Adelaide class 1980
                                                    ES Santa Maria class 1986
                                                    TW Cheng Kung class 1993
                            TR G class 1997


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    3400full load (tn)
    126length (m)
    13beam (m)
    4.50draught (m)
    27max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine boilers
    1Naval Engine steam turbines
    1Missile Launcher Mk 22
    1Naval Gun Mark 12 5/38 inch (127 mm)
    1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC
    2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm


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        Typical Max
    US US Navy Kaman Seasprite 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Bath Iron Works - 3
    US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island3

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    USUS NavyFFG-1USS BrookeNBTE19661988
    PK Pakistan Navy D-162 PNS Khaibar 19891993
    USUS NavyFFG-2USS RamseyNEFH19671988
    USUS NavyFFG-4USS TalbotNZWD19671988
    PK Pakistan Navy D-164 PNS Hunain 19891993
    USUS NavyFFG-5USS Richard L. PageNHNG19671988
    PK Pakistan Navy D-163 PNS Tabuk 19891994
    USUS NavyFFG-6USS Julius A. Furer19671989
    PK Pakistan Navy D-161 PNS Badr 19891994
    USUS NavyFFG-3USS SchofieldNFHK19681988
    USUS NavyFFG-7short hull USS Oliver Hazard PerryNOHP19771997
    USUS NavyFFG-8long-hull USS McInerneyNFXM19792010
    PK Pakistan Navy F-260 PNS Alamgir 2010--
    AURANFFG 01Adelaide HMAS AdelaideVKLA19802008
    AURANFFG 02Adelaide HMAS CanberraVKCN19802005
    USUS NavyFFG-9short hull USS WadsworthNASW19802002
    PL Polish Navy 273 ORP General Tadeusz Kosciuszko 2002--
    USUS NavyFFG-10short hull USS DuncanNDBD19801994
    TR Turkish Navy parts hulk USS Duncan 1999--
    USUS NavyFFG-11short hull USS ClarkNJJC19802000
    PL Polish Navy 272 ORP General Kazimierz Pulaski 2000--
    USUS NavyFFG-12short hull USS George PhilipNSGP19802003
    USUS NavyFFG-13short hull USS Samuel Eliot MorisonNSEM19802002
    G class TR Turkish Navy F496 TCG Gokova 2002--
    USUS NavyFFG-17short hull built in USA for Australia as HMAS Adelaide19801980
    Adelaide AU RAN FFG 01 HMAS Adelaide 19802008
    USUS NavyFFG-18short hull built in USA for Australia as HMAS Canberra19801980
    Adelaide AU RAN FFG 02 HMAS Canberra 19802005
    USUS NavyFFG-14short hull USS SidesNJHS19812003
    USUS NavyFFG-15short hull USS EstocinNMJE19812003
    G class TR Turkish Navy F497 TCG Goksu 2003--
    USUS NavyFFG-16short hull USS Clifton SpragueNCAS19811995
    G class TR Turkish Navy F490 TCG Gaziantep 1997--
    USUS NavyFFG-19short hull USS John A. MooreNJAM19812000
    G class TR Turkish Navy F495 TCG Gediz 2000--
    USUS NavyFFG-20short hull USS AntrimNRNA19811996
    G class TR Turkish Navy F491 TCG Giresun 1997--
    USUS NavyFFG-21short hull USS FlatleyNJHF19811996
    G class TR Turkish Navy F492 TCG Gemlik 1998--
    USUS NavyFFG-24short hull USS Jack WilliamsNNJW19811996
    BH Royal Bahrain Naval Force 90 BANS Sabha 1996--
    USUS NavyFFG-26short hull USS GalleryNDPG19811996
    EG Egyptian Navy F916 Taba 1997--
    USUS NavyFFG-22short hull USS FahrionNFGF19821998
    EG Egyptian Navy F901 Sharm El-Sheik 1998--
    USUS NavyFFG-23short hull USS Lewis B. PullerNLBP19821998
    EG Egyptian Navy F906 Toushka 1998--
    USUS NavyFFG-25short hull USS CopelandNRWC19821996
    EG Egyptian Navy F911 Mubarak 19972011
    F911 Alexandria 2011--
    USUS NavyFFG-27short hull USS Mahlon S. TisdaleNMST19821996
    G class TR Turkish Navy F494 TCG Gokceada 1999--
    USUS NavyFFG-28long-hull USS BooneNBON19822022
    USUS NavyFFG-29long-hull USS Stephen W. GrovesNSWG1982--
    USUS NavyFFG-31short hull USS StarkNHPA19821999
    USUS NavyFFG-32long-hull USS John L. HallNJLH1982--
    USUS NavyFFG-34short hull USS Aubrey FitchNAWF19821997
    AURANFFG 03Adelaide HMAS SydneyVKML - 0319832015
    USUS NavyFFG-30short hull USS ReidNSCR19831998
    G class TR Turkish Navy F493 TCG Gelibolu 1999--
    USUS NavyFFG-33long-hull USS JarrettNRCD1983--
    USUS NavyFFG-35short hull built in USA for Australia as HMAS Sydney19831983
    Adelaide AU RAN FFG 03 HMAS Sydney 19832015
    USUS NavyFFG-36long-hull USS UnderwoodNGWU19832013
    USUS NavyFFG-37long-hull USS CrommelinNLKC1983--
    USUS NavyFFG-38long-hull USS CurtsNHOC1983--
    USUS NavyFFG-39long-hull USS DoyleNJHD1983--
    USUS NavyFFG-41long-hull USS McCluskyNMDK1983--
    USUS NavyFFG-42long-hull USS KlakringNTBK19832013
    USUS NavyFFG-43long-hull USS ThachNJST19832013
    USUS NavyFFG-45long-hull USS De WertNRDW1983--
    AURANFFG 04Adelaide HMAS DarwinVKDA - 0419842017
    USUS NavyFFG-40long-hull USS HalyburtonNOTH1984--
    USUS NavyFFG-44long-hull built in USA for Australia as HMAS Darwin19841984
    Adelaide AU RAN FFG 04 HMAS Darwin 19842017
    USUS NavyFFG-46long-hull USS RentzNGSR19842014
    USUS NavyFFG-47long-hull USS NicholasNSVN19842014
    USUS NavyFFG-48long-hull USS VandegriftNAAV19842015
    USUS NavyFFG-49long-hull USS Robert G BradleyNRGB19842014
    USUS NavyFFG-50long-hull USS TaylorNJJT19842015
    USUS NavyFFG-51long-hull USS GaryNDAG19842015
    USUS NavyFFG-52long-hull USS CarrNCAR19852013
    USUS NavyFFG-53long-hull USS HawesNREH19852010
    USUS NavyFFG-54long-hull USS FordNPOF19852013
    USUS NavyFFG-55long-hull USS ElrodNHTE19852015
    USUS NavyFFG-56long-hull USS SimpsonNRWS19852015
    USUS NavyFFG-57long-hull USS Reuben JamesNNRJ19862013
    USUS NavyFFG-58long-hull USS Samuel B. RobertsNSBR19862015
    ESSpanish NavyF-81Sta Maria Santa MariaEBFL1986--
    USUS NavyFFG-59long-hull USS KauffmanNJLK19872015
    USUS NavyFFG-60long-hull USS Rodney M. DavisNRMD19872015
    ESSpanish NavyF-82Sta Maria VictoriaEBFM1987--
    USUS NavyFFG-61long-hull USS IngrahamNDNI19892014
    ESSpanish NavyF-83Sta Maria NumanciaEBFN1989--
    ESSpanish NavyF-84Sta Maria Reina SofiaEBFO1990--
    AURANFFG 05Adelaide HMAS MelbourneVKLP - 0519922019
    AURANFFG 06Adelaide HMAS NewcastleVLNC - 0619932019
    TWROCNPFG-1101Cheng Kung class ROCS Cheng Kung1993--
    ESSpanish NavyF-85Sta Maria NavarraEBFP1994--
    ESSpanish NavyF-86Sta Maria CanariasEBFQ1994--
    TWROCNPFG-1103Cheng Kung class ROCS Cheng Ho1994--
    TWROCNPFG-1105Cheng Kung class ROCS Chi Kuang1995--
    TWROCNPFG-1106Cheng Kung class ROCS Yueh Fei1996--
    TWROCNPFG-1107Cheng Kung class ROCS Tzu I1997--
    TWROCNPFG-1108Cheng Kung class ROCS Pan Chao1997--
    TWROCNPFG-1109Cheng Kung class ROCS Chang Chien1998--
    TWROCNPFG-1110Cheng Kung class ROCS Tian Dan2004--

    81 units


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    1962-jan-4OrderedUS FFG-1 USS Brooke
    1962-jan-4OrderedUS FFG-2 USS Ramsey
    1962-jan-4OrderedUS FFG-3 USS Schofield
    1962-dec-19Laid downUS FFG-1 USS Brooke as DEG-1
    1963-feb-4Laid downUS FFG-2 USS Ramsey as DEG-2
    1963-apr-15Laid downUS FFG-3 USS Schofield as DEG-3
    1963-may-24OrderedUS FFG-4 USS Talbot
    1963-may-24OrderedUS FFG-5 USS Richard L. Page
    1963-may-24OrderedUS FFG-6 USS Julius A. Furer
    1963-jul-19LaunchedUS FFG-1 USS Brooke
    1963-oct-15LaunchedUS FFG-2 USS Ramsey
    1963-dec-7LaunchedUS FFG-3 USS Schofield
    1964-may-4Laid downUS FFG-4 USS Talbot as DEG-4
    1965-jan-4Laid downUS FFG-5 USS Richard L. Page as DEG-5
    1965-jul-12Laid downUS FFG-6 USS Julius A. Furer as DEG-6
    1966-jan-6LaunchedUS FFG-4 USS Talbot
    1966-mar-12CommissionedUS FFG-1 USS Brooke
    1966-apr-4LaunchedUS FFG-5 USS Richard L. Page
    1966-jul-22LaunchedUS FFG-6 USS Julius A. Furer
    1967-apr-22CommissionedUS FFG-4 USS Talbot
    1967-jun-3CommissionedUS FFG-2 USS Ramsey
    1967-aug-5CommissionedUS FFG-5 USS Richard L. Page
    1967-nov-11CommissionedUS FFG-6 USS Julius A. Furer
    1968-may-11CommissionedUS FFG-3 USS Schofield
    1974RefitUS FFG-4 USS Talbot prototype for Oliver Hazard Perry class systems
    1975-jun-30US FFG-1 USS Brooke reclassified as FFG-1
    1975-jun-30US FFG-2 USS Ramsey reclassified as FFG-2
    1975-jun-30US FFG-3 USS Schofield reclassified as FFG-3
    1975-jun-30US FFG-4 USS Talbot reclassified as FFG-4
    1975-jun-30US FFG-5 USS Richard L. Page reclassified as FFG-5
    1976-jun-30US FFG-6 USS Julius A. Furer reclassified as FFG-6
    1988-sep-1DecommissionedUS FFG-2 USS Ramsey
    1988-sep-8DecommissionedUS FFG-3 USS Schofield
    1988-sep-16DecommissionedUS FFG-1 USS Brooke
    1988-sep-30DecommissionedUS FFG-4 USS Talbot
    1988-sep-30DecommissionedUS FFG-5 USS Richard L. Page
    1989Fate: transferedUS FFG-5 USS Richard L. Page leased to Pakistan as Tabuk (D-163)
    1989CommissionedPK D-163 PNS Tabuk
    1989-jan-31DecommissionedUS FFG-6 USS Julius A. Furer
    1989-jan-31Fate: transferedUS FFG-6 USS Julius A. Furer leased to Pakistan as Badr (D-161)
    1989-feb-1Fate: transferedUS FFG-1 USS Brooke leased to Pakistan as Khaibar
    1989-feb-1CommissionedPK D-162 PNS Khaibar
    1989-feb-1CommissionedPK D-161 PNS Badr
    1989-aprFate: transferedUS FFG-4 USS Talbot leased to Pakistan as Hunain (D-164)
    1989-aprCommissionedPK D-164 PNS Hunain
    1992-jan-25StruckUS FFG-2 USS Ramsey
    1992-jan-25StruckUS FFG-3 USS Schofield
    1993-nov-14DecommissionedPK D-162 PNS Khaibar
    1993-nov-29DecommissionedPK D-164 PNS Hunain
    1994-jan-12DecommissionedPK D-163 PNS Tabuk
    1994-feb-2DecommissionedPK D-161 PNS Badr
    1994-mar-28Fate: scrappedPK D-163 PNS Tabuk
    1994-mar-28Fate: scrappedPK D-161 PNS Badr
    1994-mar-29Fate: scrappedPK D-162 PNS Khaibar
    1994-mar-29Fate: scrappedPK D-164 PNS Hunain Trusha Investments
    1999-nov-2Fate: sunkUS FFG-3 USS Schofield as a target
    2000-jun-15Fate: sunkUS FFG-2 USS Ramsey as a target

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