US Spruance class



Destroyer Spruance class

Primary antisubmarine warfare escorts for more than 25 years, the Spruances replaced the large number of WWII era Allen M Sumner and Gearing class destroyers still in service. They were the first large US warships to use all gas turbine propulsion and a slightly lengthened version of the hull was also used for the AEGIS Ticonderoga class.
In late 1980s many replaced the Mk 16 ASROC launcher with a VLS (Vertical Launch System) capable of firing Tomahawk cruise missiles.

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US DDG Kidd class 1981
                        TW DDG Kee Lung class 2005
US CG Ticonderoga class 1983
                        US CG Ticonderoga VLS class 1986


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8000full load (tn)
161length (m)
16.80beam (m)
8.80draught (m)
6000range (nm)
32.50max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
2Naval Engine propulsion system: COGOG
2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
2Naval Gun Mark 45 5/54 inch (127mm)
1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm


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    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky S-61 H-3 01
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky S-70 H-60 12
US United States Naval Aviation Kaman Seasprite 02

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US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 31

List of Ships

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USUS NavyDD-963USS SpruanceNDQV19752005
USUS NavyDD-964USS Paul F. FosterNMDX19762003
EDD-964 USS Paul F. Foster 2005--
USUS NavyDD-965USS KinkaidNJPG19762003
USUS NavyDD-966USS HewittNDDW19762001
USUS NavyDD-967USS ElliotNAOP19772003
USUS NavyDD-968USS Arthur W. RadfordNAWR19772003
USUS NavyDD-969USS PetersonNGHY19772002
USUS NavyDD-970USS CaronNOTC19772001
USUS NavyDD-971USS David R. RayNBDQ19772002
USUS NavyDD-975USS O'BrienNECG19772004
USUS NavyDD-972USS OldendorfNOLY19782003
USUS NavyDD-973USS John YoungNJYG19782002
USUS NavyDD-974USS Comte de GrasseNCDG19781998
USUS NavyDD-976USS MerrillNHKX19781998
USUS NavyDD-977USS BriscoeNDIB19782003
USUS NavyDD-978USS StumpNFBS19782004
USUS NavyDD-979USS ConollyNRLC19781998
USUS NavyDD-980USS MoosbruggerNCWA19782000
USUS NavyDD-981USS John HancockNLTT19792000
USUS NavyDD-982USS NicholsonNICK19792002
USUS NavyDD-983USS John RodgersNYQL19791998
USUS NavyDD-984USS LeftwichNPFD19791998
USUS NavyDD-985USS CushingNPGC19792005
USUS NavyDD-986USS Harry W. HillNPFS19791998
USUS NavyDD-987USS O'BannonNTLW19792005
USUS NavyDD-988USS ThornNOPQ19802004
USUS NavyDD-989USS DeyoNEWZ19802003
USUS NavyDD-990USS IngersollNBKW19801998
USUS NavyDD-991USS FifeNDKP19802003
USUS NavyDD-992USS FletcherNJCN19802004
USUS NavyDDG-993Kidd class USS KiddNKID19811998
Kee Lung class TW ROCN DDG-1803 ROCS Tso Ying 2006--
USUS NavyDDG-994Kidd class USS Callaghan19811998
Kee Lung class TW ROCN DDG-1802 ROCS Su Ao 2005--
USUS NavyDDG-995Kidd class USS Scott19811998
Kee Lung class TW ROCN DDG-1801 ROCS Kee Lung 2005--
USUS NavyDDG-996Kidd class USS Chandler19821999
Kee Lung class TW ROCN DDG-1805 ROCS Ma Kong 2006--
USUS NavyDD-997USS HaylerNRWH19832003
USUS NavyCG-47Ticonderoga class USS TiconderogaNTIC19832004
USUS NavyCG-48Ticonderoga class USS YorktownNYKN19842004
USUS NavyCG-49Ticonderoga class USS VincennesNVIN19852005
USUS NavyCG-50Ticonderoga class USS Valley ForgeNVFP19862004
USUS NavyCG-52Ticonderoga VLS class USS Bunker HillNNBH1986--
USUS NavyCG-51Ticonderoga class USS Thomas S. GatesNTSG19872005
USUS NavyCG-53Ticonderoga VLS class USS Mobile BayNMOB1987--
USUS NavyCG-54Ticonderoga VLS class USS AntietamNATM1987--
USUS NavyCG-55Ticonderoga VLS class USS Leyte GulfNLEG1987--
USUS NavyCG-56Ticonderoga VLS class USS San JacintoNJAC1988--
USUS NavyCG-57Ticonderoga VLS class USS Lake ChamplainNCPN1988--
USUS NavyCG-58Ticonderoga VLS class USS Philippine SeaNWIN1989--
USUS NavyCG-59Ticonderoga VLS class USS PrincetonNDIH1989--
USUS NavyCG-60Ticonderoga VLS class USS NormandyNVVV1989--
USUS NavyCG-62Ticonderoga VLS class USS ChancellorsvilleNCVL1989--
USUS NavyCG-61Ticonderoga VLS class USS MontereyNRAR1990--
USUS NavyCG-63Ticonderoga VLS class USS CowpensNCOW1991--
USUS NavyCG-64Ticonderoga VLS class USS GettysburgNGTB1991--
USUS NavyCG-65Ticonderoga VLS class USS ChosinNCHO1991--
USUS NavyCG-66Ticonderoga VLS class USS Hue CityNHUE1991--
USUS NavyCG-67Ticonderoga VLS class USS ShilohNSLH1992--
USUS NavyCG-68Ticonderoga VLS class USS AnzioNZIO1992--
USUS NavyCG-69Ticonderoga VLS class USS VicksburgNVMS1992--
USUS NavyCG-70Ticonderoga VLS class USS Lake ErieNCDP1993--
USUS NavyCG-71Ticonderoga VLS class USS Cape St. GeorgeNCSG1993--
USUS NavyCG-72Ticonderoga VLS class USS Vella GulfNVLA1993--
USUS NavyCG-73Ticonderoga VLS class USS Port RoyalNPTR1994--

62 units


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1970-jun-1OrderedUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster
1970-jun-1OrderedUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid
1970-jun-23OrderedUS DD-963 USS Spruance
1971-jan-1OrderedUS DD-966 USS Hewitt
1971-jan-1OrderedUS DD-967 USS Elliot
1971-jan-15OrderedUS DD-968 USS Arthur W. Radford
1971-jan-15OrderedUS DD-969 USS Peterson
1971-jan-15OrderedUS DD-970 USS Caron
1971-jan-15OrderedUS DD-971 USS David R. Ray
1972-jan-26OrderedUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf
1972-jan-26OrderedUS DD-973 USS John Young
1972-jan-26OrderedUS DD-974 USS Comte de Grasse
1972-jan-26OrderedUS DD-975 USS O'Brien
1972-jan-26OrderedUS DD-976 USS Merrill
1972-jan-26OrderedUS DD-977 USS Briscoe
1972-jan-26OrderedUS DD-978 USS Stump
1972-nov-27Laid downUS DD-963 USS Spruance
1973-feb-6Laid downUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster
1973-apr-19Laid downUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid
1973-jul-23Laid downUS DD-966 USS Hewitt
1973-oct-15Laid downUS DD-967 USS Elliot
1973-nov-10LaunchedUS DD-963 USS Spruance
1974-jan-15OrderedUS DD-979 USS Conolly
1974-jan-15OrderedUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger
1974-jan-15OrderedUS DD-981 USS John Hancock
1974-jan-15OrderedUS DD-982 USS Nicholson
1974-jan-15OrderedUS DD-983 USS John Rodgers
1974-jan-15OrderedUS DD-984 USS Leftwich
1974-jan-15OrderedUS DD-985 USS Cushing
1974-jan-31Laid downUS DD-968 USS Arthur W. Radford
1974-feb-22LaunchedUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster
1974-apr-29Laid downUS DD-969 USS Peterson
1974-may-25LaunchedUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid
1974-jul-1Laid downUS DD-970 USS Caron
1974-aug-24LaunchedUS DD-966 USS Hewitt
1974-sep-19LaunchedUS DD-967 USS Elliot
1974-sep-23Laid downUS DD-971 USS David R. Ray
1974-dec-27Laid downUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf
1975-jan-15OrderedUS DD-986 USS Harry W. Hill
1975-jan-15OrderedUS DD-987 USS O'Bannon
1975-jan-15OrderedUS DD-988 USS Thorn
1975-jan-15OrderedUS DD-989 USS Deyo
1975-jan-15OrderedUS DD-990 USS Ingersoll
1975-jan-15OrderedUS DD-991 USS Fife
1975-jan-15OrderedUS DD-992 USS Fletcher
1975-feb-17Laid downUS DD-973 USS John Young
1975-mar-21LaunchedUS DD-968 USS Arthur W. Radford
1975-apr-4Laid downUS DD-974 USS Comte de Grasse
1975-may-9Laid downUS DD-975 USS O'Brien
1975-jun-16Laid downUS DD-976 USS Merrill
1975-jun-21LaunchedUS DD-969 USS Peterson
1975-jun-24LaunchedUS DD-970 USS Caron
1975-jul-21Laid downUS DD-977 USS Briscoe
1975-aug-24LaunchedUS DD-971 USS David R. Ray
1975-aug-25Laid downUS DD-978 USS Stump
1975-sep-20CommissionedUS DD-963 USS Spruance
1975-sep-29Laid downUS DD-979 USS Conolly
1975-oct-21LaunchedUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf
1975-nov-3Laid downUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger
1976-jan-6LaunchedUS DD-973 USS John Young
1976-jan-16Laid downUS DD-981 USS John Hancock
1976-feb-21CommissionedUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster
1976-mar-26LaunchedUS DD-974 USS Comte de Grasse
1976-apr-2AircraftUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster with Seasprite 150171 aboard off the coast of Southern California
1976-jul-8LaunchedUS DD-975 USS O'Brien
1976-jul-10CommissionedUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid
1976-aug-12Laid downUS DD-983 USS John Rodgers
1976-sep-1LaunchedUS DD-976 USS Merrill
1976-sep-25CommissionedUS DD-966 USS Hewitt
1976-nov-12Laid downUS DD-984 USS Leftwich
1976-dec-28LaunchedUS DD-977 USS Briscoe
1977-jan-1LaunchedUS DD-978 USS Stump
1977-jan-22CommissionedUS DD-967 USS Elliot
1977-feb-2Laid downUS DD-985 USS Cushing
1977-feb-21Laid downUS DD-987 USS O'Bannon
1977-apr-1Laid downUS DD-986 USS Harry W. Hill
1977-apr-16CommissionedUS DD-968 USS Arthur W. Radford
1977-jun-3LaunchedUS DD-979 USS Conolly
1977-jul-9CommissionedUS DD-969 USS Peterson
1977-jul-23LaunchedUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger
1977-aug-29Laid downUS DD-988 USS Thorn
1977-oct-1CommissionedUS DD-970 USS Caron
1977-oct-14Laid downUS DD-989 USS Deyo
1977-oct-29LaunchedUS DD-981 USS John Hancock
1977-nov-11LaunchedUS DD-982 USS Nicholson
1977-nov-19CommissionedUS DD-971 USS David R. Ray
1977-dec-3CommissionedUS DD-975 USS O'Brien
1977-dec-5Laid downUS DD-990 USS Ingersoll
1978-feb-20Laid downUS DD-982 USS Nicholson
1978-feb-25LaunchedUS DD-983 USS John Rodgers
1978-mar-4CommissionedUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf
1978-mar-6Laid downUS DD-991 USS Fife
1978-mar-11CommissionedUS DD-976 USS Merrill
1978-apr-8LaunchedUS DD-984 USS Leftwich
1978-apr-24Laid downUS DD-992 USS Fletcher
1978-may-20CommissionedUS DD-973 USS John Young
1978-jun-3CommissionedUS DD-977 USS Briscoe
1978-jun-17LaunchedUS DD-985 USS Cushing
1978-aug-5CommissionedUS DD-974 USS Comte de Grasse
1978-aug-10LaunchedUS DD-986 USS Harry W. Hill
1978-aug-19CommissionedUS DD-978 USS Stump
1978-sep-25LaunchedUS DD-987 USS O'Bannon
1978-oct-14CommissionedUS DD-979 USS Conolly
1978-dec-16CommissionedUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger
1979-jan-20LaunchedUS DD-989 USS Deyo
1979-feb-3LaunchedUS DD-988 USS Thorn
1979-mar-10CommissionedUS DD-981 USS John Hancock
1979-mar-10LaunchedUS DD-990 USS Ingersoll
1979-may-1LaunchedUS DD-991 USS Fife
1979-may-12CommissionedUS DD-982 USS Nicholson
1979-jun-16LaunchedUS DD-992 USS Fletcher
1979-jul-14CommissionedUS DD-983 USS John Rodgers
1979-aug-25CommissionedUS DD-984 USS Leftwich
1979-sep-21CommissionedUS DD-985 USS Cushing
1979-nov-17CommissionedUS DD-986 USS Harry W. Hill
1979-dec-15CommissionedUS DD-987 USS O'Bannon
1980RefitUS DD-963 USS Spruance at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard
1980-feb-16CommissionedUS DD-988 USS Thorn
1980-mar-22CommissionedUS DD-989 USS Deyo
1980-apr-12CommissionedUS DD-990 USS Ingersoll
1980-may-31CommissionedUS DD-991 USS Fife
1980-jul-12CommissionedUS DD-992 USS Fletcher
1980-oct-20Laid downUS DD-997 USS Hayler
1981US DD-971 USS David R. Ray Westpac
1982-mar-2LaunchedUS DD-997 USS Hayler
1983RefitUS DD-963 USS Spruance CIWS Phalanx
1983-mar-5CommissionedUS DD-997 USS Hayler
1983-jul-15HomeportUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger Charleston, SC
1984-aug-30US DD-988 USS Thorn aboard SH-2F HSL-32 Det.6
1985RefitUS DD-963 USS Spruance VLS, Towed Array and the SH-60 helicopter
1985-jan-24AircraftUS DD-976 USS Merrill with SH-3H Sea King 148043 onboard
1986-jun-21Port VisitUS DD-977 USS Briscoe Fleet days 1986 on board Seasprite 161905
1986-oct-2AircraftUS DD-983 USS John Rodgers accident SH-2F Seasprite 161915 Aegean Sea
1986-oct-4DeploymentUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN Present at 75th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review
1986-oct-4DeploymentUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN Present at 75th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review
1988-sep-26Port VisitUS DD-990 USS Ingersoll Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
1990-jul-1US DD-997 USS Hayler on Stratits of Magellan during Unitas XXXI when a Seasprite comes in to land
1990-oct-8US DD-972 USS Oldendorf Departed Yokosuka Japan with USS Midway Battle Group Alfa enroute to Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf.
1991-apr-17US DD-972 USS Oldendorf Returned to Yokosuka Japan upon completion of Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf. Awarded Combat Action Ribbon.
1991-augUS DD-975 USS O'Brien Operation Desert Shield/Storm from aug1991 to dec1991
1992-janAircraftUS DD-982 USS Nicholson asg Seasprite 163209
1993-may-29Port VisitUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger Liverpool Dock, UK
1993-may-29AircraftUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger with SH-3H 149904 at Liverpool, UK
1994-junUS DD-997 USS Hayler BALTOPS 94 participated with BALTOPS 94
1998-mar-26DecommissionedUS DD-976 USS Merrill
1998-mar-27DecommissionedUS DD-984 USS Leftwich
1998-may-29DecommissionedUS DD-986 USS Harry W. Hill
1998-jun-5DecommissionedUS DD-974 USS Comte de Grasse
1998-jul-24DecommissionedUS DD-990 USS Ingersoll
1998-sep-4DecommissionedUS DD-983 USS John Rodgers
1998-sep-18DecommissionedUS DD-979 USS Conolly
1999-novPort VisitUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid visit with USS Constellation Battle Group. HSL-49 Det.6 SH-60B 165112 / TX, noted on 16 Nov.
2000-oct-16DecommissionedUS DD-981 USS John Hancock
2000-dec-15DecommissionedUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger
2001-jul-19DecommissionedUS DD-966 USS Hewitt
2001-aug-9Fate: scrappedUS DD-966 USS Hewitt Brownsville, Texas
2001-oct-15DecommissionedUS DD-970 USS Caron
2002-jan-5StruckUS DD-966 USS Hewitt
2002-feb-28DecommissionedUS DD-971 USS David R. Ray
2002-jun-5StruckUS DD-970 USS Caron
2002-jul-5DeploymentUS DD-985 USS Cushing Persian Gulf, UH-3H 149684 accident
2002-sep-30DecommissionedUS DD-973 USS John Young
2002-oct-4DecommissionedUS DD-969 USS Peterson
2002-nov-6StruckUS DD-969 USS Peterson
2002-nov-6StruckUS DD-973 USS John Young
2002-dec-4Fate: sunkUS DD-970 USS Caron
2002-dec-20DecommissionedUS DD-982 USS Nicholson
2003Fate: sunkUS DD-976 USS Merrill NE of Hawaii
2003-jan-7DecommissionedUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid
2003-feb-28DecommissionedUS DD-991 USS Fife
2003-mar-18DecommissionedUS DD-968 USS Arthur W. Radford
2003-mar-27DecommissionedUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster
2003-jun-20DecommissionedUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf
2003-jul-29Fate: sunkUS DD-990 USS Ingersoll
2003-aug-1Fate: sunkUS DD-984 USS Leftwich
2003-aug-25DecommissionedUS DD-997 USS Hayler
2003-oct-2DecommissionedUS DD-977 USS Briscoe
2003-nov-6DecommissionedUS DD-989 USS Deyo
2003-dec-2DecommissionedUS DD-967 USS Elliot
2004-feb-16Fate: sunkUS DD-969 USS Peterson
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-997 USS Hayler
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-967 USS Elliot
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-968 USS Arthur W. Radford in reserve at Philadelphia
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-977 USS Briscoe
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-982 USS Nicholson
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-989 USS Deyo
2004-apr-6StruckUS DD-991 USS Fife
2004-apr-13Fate: sunkUS DD-973 USS John Young
2004-jul-14Fate: sunkUS DD-965 USS Kinkaid as target 22 55 13.5 N, 159 59 40.5 W
2004-jul-15Fate: sunkUS DD-986 USS Harry W. Hill
2004-jul-30Fate: sunkUS DD-982 USS Nicholson
2004-aug-25DecommissionedUS DD-988 USS Thorn
2004-sep-24DecommissionedUS DD-975 USS O'Brien
2004-oct-1DecommissionedUS DD-992 USS Fletcher
2004-oct-22DecommissionedUS DD-978 USS Stump
2004-nov-13Fate: sunkUS DD-997 USS Hayler sunk as target
2005-marFate: transferedUS DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster to Self Defense Test Ship as EDD-964
2005-mar-16CommissionedUS EDD-964 USS Paul F. Foster Assigned to NSWC Port Hueneme
2005-mar-23DecommissionedUS DD-963 USS Spruance
2005-jun-25Fate: sunkUS DD-967 USS Elliot 190 km east of Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia
2005-aug-19DecommissionedUS DD-987 USS O'Bannon
2005-aug-22Fate: sunkUS DD-972 USS Oldendorf
2005-aug-23Fate: sunkUS DD-991 USS Fife
2005-aug-25Fate: sunkUS DD-977 USS Briscoe
2005-aug-25Fate: sunkUS DD-989 USS Deyo
2005-sep-21DecommissionedUS DD-985 USS Cushing
2006Fate: sunkUS DD-975 USS O'Brien
2006StruckUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger
2006-apr-25Fate: scrappedUS DD-980 USS Moosbrugger Brownsville, Texas
2006-jun-7Fate: sunkUS DD-974 USS Comte de Grasse
2006-jun-7Fate: sunkUS DD-978 USS Stump
2006-jul-22Fate: sunkUS DD-988 USS Thorn
2006-dec-8Fate: sunkUS DD-963 USS Spruance as Target with air-launched Harpoons
2006-dec-30Fate: scrappedUS DD-983 USS John Rodgers Brownsville, Texas
2007-apr-28Fate: scrappedUS DD-981 USS John Hancock Brownsville, Texas,
2008-jul-11Fate: sunkUS DD-971 USS David R. Ray
2008-jul-16Fate: sunkUS DD-992 USS Fletcher torpedo test exercise
2008-oct-6Fate: sunkUS DD-987 USS O'Bannon
2009-apr-29Fate: sunkUS DD-979 USS Conolly

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