BE Wielingen class



Frigate Wielingen class

Also known as E-71 class they were the first, and so far only, warships built in Belgium since WWII. Designed for escort missions in the North Sea/English channel area, they are heavily armed despite their limited size. Three of them transferred to Bulgaria after retirement while the other was scrapped after a grounding accident.


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1940light (tn)
2280full load (tn)
106.40length (m)
12.30beam (m)
5.60draught (m)
6000range (nm)
28max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel
1Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
4Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher
1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
1Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm
1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm
2Torpedo Launchers L5 torpedo launcher
1Naval Radar air search radar DA05
1Naval Radar fire direction radar WM25
1Sonar hull mounted and towed sonar AN/SQS-505


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    Typical Max
No Landing platform


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BE Boelwerf - Cauwerburg2
BE Cockerill - Moretusburg2

List of Ships

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BEBelgian NavyF910WielingenORJR19782006
BG Bulgarian Navy 42 Verni 2009--
BEBelgian NavyF911WestdiepORJS19782007
BG Bulgarian Navy 43 Gordi 2009--
BEBelgian NavyF912WandelaarORJT19782004
BG Bulgarian Navy 41 Drazki 2004--
BEBelgian NavyF913WesthinderORJU19781993

4 units


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1973-octOrderedBE F910 Wielingen
1973-octOrderedBE F911 Westdiep
1973-octOrderedBE F912 Wandelaar
1973-octOrderedBE F913 Westhinder
1975-aug-12LaunchedBE F911 Westdiep
1976-mar-30LaunchedBE F910 Wielingen
1976-mar-30LaunchedBE F913 Westhinder
1977-jun-21LaunchedBE F912 Wandelaar
1977-jun-25DeploymentBE F911 Westdiep Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review off Ryde Sand, pre Commissioning
1978-jan-20CommissionedBE F910 Wielingen
1978-jan-20CommissionedBE F911 Westdiep
1978-jan-20CommissionedBE F913 Westhinder
1978-oct-3CommissionedBE F912 Wandelaar
1990-jun-21Port VisitBE F912 Wandelaar from 21 to 28 June Den Helder Netherlands. For Fleet Days 22+23 June
1991-sep-24Port VisitBE F912 Wandelaar from 24sep to 4oct Den Helder Netherlands
1993BE F913 Westhinder grounding accident near Norway during NATO manouvers
1993DecommissionedBE F913 Westhinder
1994-mar-9Port VisitBE F912 Wandelaar visit Toulon France
1994-junBE F912 Wandelaar BALTOPS 94 participated with BALTOPS 94
1995-sep-12Port VisitBE F912 Wandelaar Rotterdam Netherlands
1998-jul-8Port VisitBE F912 Wandelaar from 8 to 13 July Den Helder Netherlands
2002-jul-11Port VisitBE F912 Wandelaar from 11 to 14 July Den Helder Netherlands
2004DecommissionedBE F912 Wandelaar
2004Fate: transferedBE F912 Wandelaar to Bulgaria as Drazki
2005-jul-1Port VisitBE F911 Westdiep Present at International Festival of the Sea 2005, Portsmouth
2006DecommissionedBE F910 Wielingen
2007-oct-5DecommissionedBE F911 Westdiep
2008Fate: transferedBE F910 Wielingen to Bulgaria as Verni
2008Fate: transferedBE F911 Westdiep to Bulgaria as Gordi
2016-nov-9DeploymentBG 42 Verni Operation Sea Guardian assigned to NATO in Central Mediterranean

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