FR Creusot-Loire 100 mm

Naval Gun


Derivatives / Succeeded by
-- CN Type H/PJ87 single 100mm

  Used by

1961DE F 120 Köln class frigate FF 2
1962FR Commandant Riviere class frigate FF 3
1964FR Jeanne d Arc class helicopter carrier H 2
1964DE Type 101 Hamburg class destroyer DD 3
1967FR Suffren class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
1967PT Joao Belo class frigate FF 3
1972FR Colbert mod class guided-missile cruiser CG 2
1973FR F65 Aconit class destroyer DD 2
1974FR F67 Tourville class destroyer DD 2
1974PT Baptista de Andrade class corvette FS 1
1976BE Wielingen class frigate FF 1
1976FR d'Estienne d'Orves class corvette FS 1
1978AR Drummond class corvette FS 1
1979FR F70 ASW class destroyer DD 1
1988FR F70 AA class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
1990PT Vasco da Gama class frigate FF 1
1992FR Floreal class frigate FF 1
1996FR La Fayette class frigate FF 1

  In Service

DE German Navy
TR Turkish Navy
UY Uruguayan Navy
FR French Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
BG Bulgarian Navy
BE Belgian Navy
AR Argentine Navy
MA Royal Moroccan Navy

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