ASW mortar 375 mm

Rocket Launcher


  Used by

1954NL Holland class destroyer DD 2
1956NL Friesland class destroyer DD 2
1957IT Centauro class frigate FF 1
1961JP Isuzu class frigate FF 1
1961DE F 120 Köln class frigate FF 2
1962IT Bergamini (1962) class frigate FF 1
1962FR Commandant Riviere class frigate FF 1
1966JP Yamagumo class destroyer DD 1
1966PT Pereira da Silva class frigate FF 2
1967JP Takatsuki class destroyer DD 1
1967JP Minegumo class destroyer DD 1
1968IT Alpino class frigate FF 1
1973FR F65 Aconit class destroyer DD 1
1976BE Wielingen class frigate FF 1
1976FR d'Estienne d'Orves class corvette FS 1
1978ES Descubierta class corvette FS 1
1981JP Ishikari class frigate FF 1
1983JP Yubari class frigate FF 1

  In Service

NL Royal Netherlands Navy
PE Peruvian Navy
IT Italian Navy
JP Japanese Navy
DE German Navy
TR Turkish Navy
FR French Navy
UY Uruguayan Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
BE Belgian Navy
BG Bulgarian Navy
ES Spanish Navy
MA Royal Moroccan Navy
EG Egyptian Navy

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