IT Centauro class



Frigate Centauro class

Also known as Canopo class two of them were financed by US MDAP funds.

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1962 IT Bergamini (1962) class
1968         IT Alpino class
1977                 IT Lupo class
1978                         PE Carvajal class
1980                                 VE Mariscal Sucre class
1982                         IT Maestrale class
1985                         IT Soldati class


2100full load (tn)
103length (m)
12beam (m)
3.80draught (m)

2Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines

2Naval Gun Mark 33 3/50 inch (twin 76 mm)
2Naval Gun twin 40 mm
1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
No Landing platform


IT Cantiere navale Fratelli Orlando - 1
IT Cantieri Navali di Taranto - 3

  List of Ships

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19571980ITItalian NavyF 533Castore
19571984ITItalian NavyF 554Centauro
19571983ITItalian NavyF 555Cigno
19591981ITItalian NavyF 531Canopo
19611980ITItalian NavyF 596Bergamini (1962) class Luigi Rizzo
19621983ITItalian NavyF 593Bergamini (1962) class Carlo Bergamini
19621990ITItalian NavyF 594Bergamini (1962) class Virginio Fasan
19621988ITItalian NavyF 595Bergamini (1962) class Carlo Margottini
19682006ITItalian NavyF 580Alpino class Alpino
19682009ITItalian NavyF 581Alpino class Carabiniere
19772004ITItalian NavyF 564Lupo class Lupo IALU
2004-- PE Peruvian Navy FM-56 BAP Palacios
1978--PEPeruvian NavyFM-51Carvajal class BAP Carvajal OBHH - 51
19782006ITItalian NavyF 565Lupo class SagittarioIASA
2006-- PE Peruvian Navy FM-58 BAP Quiñónes
1979--PEPeruvian NavyFM-52Carvajal class BAP VillavisencioOBHI - 52
19802006ITItalian NavyF 566Lupo class PerseoIAPE
2006-- PE Peruvian Navy FM-57 BAP Coronel Bolognesi
19802004ITItalian NavyF 567Lupo class OrsaIAOR
2004-- PE Peruvian Navy FM-55 BAP Aguirre
1982--ITItalian NavyF 570Maestrale class Maestrale IAME
1983--ITItalian NavyF 571Maestrale class GrecaleIAGR
1983--ITItalian NavyF 572Maestrale class Libeccio IALI
1983--ITItalian NavyF 573Maestrale class Scirocco IASC
1983--ITItalian NavyF 574Maestrale class Aliseo IALS
1984--PEPeruvian NavyFM-53Carvajal class BAP MonteroOBHF - 53
1984--ITItalian NavyF 575Maestrale class EuroIAEU
1985--ITItalian NavyF 576Maestrale class Espero IAES - F576
1985--ITItalian NavyF 577Maestrale class ZeffiroIAEF
1987--PEPeruvian NavyFM-54Carvajal class BAP Mariategui OBHG - 54
1994--ITItalian NavyF 582Soldati class ArtigliereIAEP - F582
1995--ITItalian NavyF 583Soldati class AviereIAEQ - F583
1995--ITItalian NavyF 584Soldati class BersagliereIAEO - F584
1996--ITItalian NavyF 585Soldati class GranatiereIAER - F585

30 units


1952OrderedOrdered IT F 533 Castore in USA as DE 1020
1952OrderedOrdered IT F 555 Cigno in USA as DE 1031
1952-may-15Laid downLaid down IT F 531 Canopo
1952-may-31Laid downLaid down IT F 554 Centauro
1954-feb-10Laid downLaid down IT F 555 Cigno
1954-apr-04LaunchedLaunched IT F 554 Centauro
1955-feb-20LaunchedLaunched IT F 531 Canopo
1955-mar-14Laid downLaid down IT F 533 Castore
1955-mar-20LaunchedLaunched IT F 555 Cigno
1956-jul-08LaunchedLaunched IT F 533 Castore
1957-mar-07CommissionedCommissioned IT F 555 Cigno
1957-may-05CommissionedCommissioned IT F 554 Centauro
1957-jul-14CommissionedCommissioned IT F 533 Castore
1959-apr-01CommissionedCommissioned IT F 531 Canopo
1980-nov-30DecommissionedDecommissioned IT F 533 Castore
1981DecommissionedDecommissioned IT F 531 Canopo
1983DecommissionedDecommissioned IT F 555 Cigno
1984DecommissionedDecommissioned IT F 554 Centauro

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