Missile Launcher Mk 13

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US Mk 22 --


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40max missiles load
1Naval Surface-to-Air Missile RIM-24 Tartar
1Naval Surface-to-Air Missile RIM-66 Standard
1Naval Surface-to-Surface Missile RGM-84 Harpoon

Used by

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1965JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Amatsukaze class1
1972IT Guided-Missile Destroyer Audace class1
1974US Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) California class2
1975US Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry class1
1975NL Guided-Missile Frigate Tromp class1
1976JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Tachikaze class1
1980AU Guided-Missile Frigate Adelaide class1
1982US Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class1
1986JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Hatakaze class1
1986ES Guided-Missile Frigate Santa Maria class1
1993TW Guided-Missile Frigate Cheng Kung class1
1993IT Guided-Missile Destroyer Durand de la Penne class1

In Service

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JP Japanese Navy
IT Italian Navy
US United States Naval Aviation
TR Turkish Navy
BH Royal Bahrain Naval Force
PL Polish Navy
EG Egyptian Navy
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
AU Royal Australian Navy
PK Pakistan Navy
ES Spanish Navy
TW Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)

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